A friend of mine who is a medical Dr. at one of the hospitals in Kano informed me of what I m about to disclose to you now.

He said, my friend write a short article and inform people about HIV. HIV's victims are growing exponentially everyday. This is something which many of us know. But what most of us dont know is this. Many many many people have HIV virus and you can't tell by looking at them. They are very healthy. The problem is they are spreading the virus to others with intent to cause harm. Married men these days dont even inform their wives about their condition if they have it. Some after infecting their wives, they confine their wives at from and stop them from visiting the hospitals bcos they fear the wives would come to know they have the virus. 

He added that, I can name politicians, commissioners, and governors who follow me home to recieve their monthly treatment bcos they cannot go to the medicine collection center and collect due to shame. These same high dignitories are the ones some girls speak about. I slept with so so and so, I am riding so so and so. Sister ride with care. 

Now the sad part is this. My friend said, now HIV victims pay doctors money to hide or fabricate HIV test results. Especially during pre-marriage preparations. This is what we are facing today. He added that, now there are HIV positives on social media platform who are targetting vulnerable girls and young women who love money and are willing to sleep with strangers. Wallahi, I personally know many young girls who were deliberately infected with the virus, and they met through Facebook.

This is a wake up call to us all. Seek refuge from this sickness and guard your chastity. The prevention is simple, follow Allah's instructions. Also, do create awareness among people, let them know what is going on. Parents should intervene during marriage preparations to ensure that both parties are tested extensively. Also, men or women who suspect their spouse is flirting should get checked for HIV, if posible get checked every three months. If you begin to fall sick consistantly, sneak out and go to hospital, get checked. HIV centers are everywhere now. 

By Allah, anyone who deliberately infect another with this deadly virus, Insha Allah he or she will not die in peace. May Allah deal with him or her the way he deals with those who trangress. The highest level of treachery is to infect someone intentionally just to seek revenge on people who did not infect you in the first place. Wallahi you will not rest in peace in your grave.

Men, women, boys, girls, Wallahi if you dont stop flirting for the sake of Allah, HIV will force you to stop. Grave one way.  

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