China tried to give USA a run for her money.

USA was not happy, she felt threatened because of China's rapid economic growth & rising influence in the world, especially in Asia which has the highest population proportion as compared to other continents.

In retaliation, USA fueled chaos in Hong Kong, but terribly failed as China managed to control the situation, prompting think of USA to think of another method.

Fearing the consequences of escalation & possibility of military action, the USA contemplated a covert strategy that would be used to destabilize China & Iran which seemed to be working on becoming a great influence in the Middle East, hence diverting the attempts to overthrow USA as the world economic super power, or give Russians an advantage.

The CIA revisited its laboratories & came up with a perfect solution (so they thought) which was accepted by the US security Council, since they had a vaccine for the original COVID-19, hence averting threats of a possible boomerang effect.

On the night of a particular day in January 2020,CIA delivered the viruses in Wuhan icy mountain using the undetectable F-35 stealth combat fighter jet. Below Wuhan mountain is China's Aquatic sciences laboratory, serving as a perfect cover,which would make it appear as though China was responsible for the virus.

China, realizing too late that she had been attacked with a biological weapon, took samples of the virus, tested them & discovered that it was impossible to create a viable vaccine within a short period of time due to its characteristic rapid mutation, so what next?

China's scientists & military experts therefore decided to perform a biological twist to the original virus using "Reverse engineering" then decided to send it back to the USA & her allies in Europe, Italy being the worst hit by the metamorphosed virus.

As soon a the first case was recorded in US, they tested & discovered that the virus had been altered & that the intended vaccines couldn't work on the new version, & that is why it is being reported that recovered patients are testing positive again.

This is why POTUS-Trump is fuming & angry that his own creation has come back to haunt the US!

Even so, the USA is hiding the exact number of victims to avert a crisis of panic, rage & an economic shutdown.

It is for this reason again that the USA is trying to buy off anyone who might create a working vaccine (Germany was approached),so that she gets patent rights & prevents China from accessing it.

Now as the virus spreads throughout the world, China, Europe & US scientists are in a race to manufacture a vaccine for the virus, which is what China wanted; To be in the same position with her opponents.

We have always imagined a WW3 which involved bombers flying high in the skies, a lot of nuclear bombs & gunshots renting the air, but modern warfare has dramatically changed all those perceptions.

Today WW3 is happening right before our eyes! What a moment to be alive!🙉🙉🙉

Africa will suffer for no reason, & it will become worst hit! 

However, there is hope in everything, we still believe in hope even when the odds are obviously worrying.

Say a short prayer for our continent my beloved people.❤💕💝

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