Barka da warhaka


*Dear rich,*

Never make the mistake of thinking that your poor relatives visit you only because they are in need of something. In most cases, they come to greet you for the benefit of kinship and nothing more. Hence, do not frown your face when you hear them knocking. 
More so, never have the impression that because Allah has blessed you with riches, you are too big to pay visit to less endowed relatives or that when you visit them, they will be expecting something from you and hence you stop visiting. Sometimes, you stopping by alone is enough to make them happy.

*Dear less financially endowed,*

Never make the mistake that when you visit your rich relatives, they will have the impression that you visit only because you need something from them. Hence, you decide not to visit them. 

*Dear all,*

In doing what is right, never worry yourself about what others think about you. Hence, keep the ties of kinship only for the sake of Allah and do not let shaitan use your social status to keep you away from your relatives.

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