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🌹Responding To Her Husband 

Shaykh Sālih Ibn Fawzān Al-Fawzān حفظه الله said:

“Rather, it is more befitting that she approaches him without him requesting; and that she prepare herself for that and beautify herself. For from that which is unfortunate is that some women beautify themselves when going out - while they have been prohibited from that - more so than they beautify themselves for their husbands while they have been commanded with this. All of that indicates ignorance of the responsibility or not following the legislation of Allāh. Indeed the woman establishing this matter and excellence in taking to it has a great effect upon the stability of the home; for the chastity of the husband and his pleasure with that which he has, and not feeling a sense of frustration and deprivation, results in the stability of the soul. How numerous are the men who live a life which is unstable due to their feeling deprivation because the woman has not given this matter importance or she does not know how to establish it correctly. Let the woman know her role in this regard; then let her think and research how to perform it.”

[A Woman’s Guide To Raising A Family, pg.33. Translated By Raha Ibn Donald Batts

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