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Showing posts with label Siyasa (politics). Show all posts


*S P I R I T U A L D I E T -11*

The Spiritual Diet-11 Is Culled From The Presentation Of Prof. Y. A Qadri Titled:-


*This Is To Keep Our Global Contacts Abreast Of Developments In Saudi Arabia Kingdom And Use The Great Opportunity Of This Lunar Month Of Ramadhan In Beseeching Allah (SWT) To Open The Eyes Of The Present Leadership Of Saudi Arabia Kingdom So That They Would Not Destroy The Shar'ah/Laws As Enshrined In The Holy Qur'an......And By Extension Debased Islamic Religion In The Name Of Reforms*

Now Read On..


*Saudi Arabia is destroying the Shari'ah.*

Often we hear of non-Muslims casting aspersions on Islam, or speaking ill of, or making blasphemy against the religion and its noble Prophet, Muhammad Rasūlullāh, saaws.

*But today a country that is globally recognised as the home of Islam, and champion of its value and culture, is now demolishing its sacredness. What an irony!*

Last week Saudi Arabia, as reported by many world media houses, including Middle East Eye, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, BBC, Telegraph and New York Times abolished flogging as a legal punishment in response to criticism of its use of corporal punishment. 

*The Saudi Supreme Court said that it was a reform that aims to "bring the Kingdom into line with International human rights norms against corporal punishment".*

Abolishing flogging as a form of punishment is a flagrant disobedience to Allah's prescriptions in the Qur'an such as in (Surah 24:2 -an Nur)which stipulates 100 lashes for committing fornication, and 80 lashes as in Q-24:4, as the punishment for Qadhf, that is slander, defamation or accusation without proof. 

*Same for baseless accusation of a woman of committing an immorality. On the other hand 4:34 prescribed flogging as Ta'zīr against ill-mannered rebellious wife without stating the number of lashes.*

Flogging as a form of punishment cannot be substituted or changed or amended or modified by any Muslim, no matter how highly placed he may be. Any Muslim who does that has become 
A kāfir_ Q5:44; a wrongdoer (Zālim) Q5:45; and a _fāsiq_ Q5:49.

*Saudi Arabia altered Allah's prescriptions to please her master, America and the Western world who are displeased with Saudi's inflicting 1000 lashes on offenders. Saudi attracted adverse criticism against herself by the award of 1000 lashes.*

In 2015 blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes on charges of insulting Islam and cybercrime. 

*What is the basis of that inhuman treatment?*

Definitely, not the Qur'an, not the Sunnah, but an arbitrary punishment inflicted against the directives of Rasūlullāh, saaws, who describes those who exceed the limits of the _hadd_ punishment, in a "non- _hadd_ offence as transgressors, _mu'tadūn_ (An hadith narrated by Ad-Dahhāk and related by Al-Bayhaqī). 

*Saudi Arabia could have simply reduced the 1,000 lashes to 100 and hid behind this hadith, while assuring her masters that she has no power to change or act contrary to the Sunnah (Q59:7) or change any thing in the Qur'an (Q10:15).* 

Saudi Arabia should always remember that she has no one to fear except Allah, and no one to please but Him (Q9:13). 

*Has Saudi Arabia forgotten the Prophet's directives that "There is no obedience to the creature in disobedience to the Creator"? (At-Tirmidhī)*

The King of Saudi Arabia and his Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, are destroying Islam. They believe it is the only way to accomplish their Vision 2030 Programme, which aims at diversifying the country's economy through investment in non-oil sectors including tourism. 

*The Crown Prince pledged to modernise the economy and the society. He reiterated that he would "return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam". He asked for global support to transform the supposedly strictly Shariah compliant State. He also boasted saying:*

"We are simply reverting to what we followed - a moderate Islam open to all the world and religions ". 

*Mohammed bin Salman is destroying the hard earned legacy of his fore fathers who laboured, struggled and fought gallantly for the establishment of an Islamic state from 1744 to 1932 when the present day Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed. It was not by accident, it became a reality due to the ceaseless efforts and dogged determination of that great Muslim reformer, ( __Mujaddid__ ) Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdulwahhab (d.1792), who resolved to eradicate all innovations and deviations that had crept into the practice of Islam particularly in Arabia and in the Muslim world in general.*

This great Islamic scholar sought and secured the support of Muhammad ibn Saud 
(d 1765) who was then the ruler of Najd in Arabia. The duo of Muhammad bin Abdulwahhab and Muhammad ibn Saud went to war and conquered various tribes, Sheikhdoms, city - States, emirates and kingdoms of most of the Arabian peninsula and formed an Islamic state that called for renewal of Muslim spirit, and the return to pristine Islam. They achieved all that. 

*It is therefore an irony for a descendant of this ruler to now start demolishing the gains and achievements of his fore fathers.*

Saudi Arabia is currently establishing a zone on 470 kilometres of the Red Sea coast as a liberal hub akin to Dubai, where male and female bathers are free to mingle. Mohammed bin Salman has announced that laws will be made to allow women to wear bikinis instead of covering up their bodies. This is in blatant disregard to the Qur'anic directives to the Muslim women on dress code as contained in Q33:59.

*He says the resort will be "governed by laws on par with international standard". The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by 2022, while a million visitors will be hosted yearly by 2035.*

Saudi's tourism authority has issued new guidelines allowing women to rent hotel rooms without a male guardian's presence and foreign men and women to share a room without proof of marriage.

*Previously couples visiting Saudi Arabia have to prove to the authorities that they were married before being able to take a hotel room together.*

Is Saudi Arabia oblivious to Rasūlullāh's statement narrated by Ahmad, At-Tirmidhī and Al-Hākim that " when a non -mahram woman and a man are alone together, Satan is the "third among them"?

*This is not a matter of ignorance but a wilful destruction of the Shariah.*

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is being transformed to become another American or European city in terms of lewdness. Thousands of people are on Riyadh Boulevard every night being entertained in theatres and pop concerts. There are many restaurants where men and women mingle freely with no restrictions. The power and influence of Mutawa, the Islamic religious police, which enforces Islamic observance and safe guard public morality have been whittled down waned. 

*Visas will be issued online with no restrictions for unaccompanied women as in the past. Expectedly, many of the reforms have received international praise. The government wants to attract 100 million annual visits in 2030 to increase its GDP from 3 per cent to 10 per cent through _harām_ means.*

Saudi Arabia embarks on economic reforms by diversifying her areas of revenue away from oil which appears to have a bleak future. Should the economic recession being feared make the cradle of Islam do business that is _harām_ based, sinning against Allah?  

*Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 lacks vision. It is blind to Shariah requirements. It borders on nothing but _fusūq_ . Qur'an 9:24 says:*
"... if the wealth that you have gained; the commerce in which you fear a decline ... are dearer to you than Allah ... then wait until Allah brings about His decision and Allah guides not the wrongdoing people"

*We Muslims are expected to be the role model to be emulated by others; not the other way round. ( Q3:110).*

Muslims, world over, need to condemn the present leadership in Saudi Arabia and make it come back to its senses. What is happening now in that country is nothing but _Munkar_ , a detestable abomination, that must be changed as directed by _Rasūlullāh_ , _saaws_ . It is our collective concern because the Kingdom is seen by the world as the representative of Islam.

*Whatever is done in the country is considered by the whole world as the authentic Islamic practice. Any other one is considered fake. Every Muslim , especially the millions that perform Hajj annually will come back to their countries calling for change to be in tandem with the practice, value or culture in the Holy land. Saudi Arabia must open her eyes and stop demolishing the Shariah.*

Ramadān Karīm.
 *Prof. Y. A. Quadri.* 

May 2020



China tried to give USA a run for her money.

USA was not happy, she felt threatened because of China's rapid economic growth & rising influence in the world, especially in Asia which has the highest population proportion as compared to other continents.

In retaliation, USA fueled chaos in Hong Kong, but terribly failed as China managed to control the situation, prompting think of USA to think of another method.

Fearing the consequences of escalation & possibility of military action, the USA contemplated a covert strategy that would be used to destabilize China & Iran which seemed to be working on becoming a great influence in the Middle East, hence diverting the attempts to overthrow USA as the world economic super power, or give Russians an advantage.

The CIA revisited its laboratories & came up with a perfect solution (so they thought) which was accepted by the US security Council, since they had a vaccine for the original COVID-19, hence averting threats of a possible boomerang effect.

On the night of a particular day in January 2020,CIA delivered the viruses in Wuhan icy mountain using the undetectable F-35 stealth combat fighter jet. Below Wuhan mountain is China's Aquatic sciences laboratory, serving as a perfect cover,which would make it appear as though China was responsible for the virus.

China, realizing too late that she had been attacked with a biological weapon, took samples of the virus, tested them & discovered that it was impossible to create a viable vaccine within a short period of time due to its characteristic rapid mutation, so what next?

China's scientists & military experts therefore decided to perform a biological twist to the original virus using "Reverse engineering" then decided to send it back to the USA & her allies in Europe, Italy being the worst hit by the metamorphosed virus.

As soon a the first case was recorded in US, they tested & discovered that the virus had been altered & that the intended vaccines couldn't work on the new version, & that is why it is being reported that recovered patients are testing positive again.

This is why POTUS-Trump is fuming & angry that his own creation has come back to haunt the US!

Even so, the USA is hiding the exact number of victims to avert a crisis of panic, rage & an economic shutdown.

It is for this reason again that the USA is trying to buy off anyone who might create a working vaccine (Germany was approached),so that she gets patent rights & prevents China from accessing it.

Now as the virus spreads throughout the world, China, Europe & US scientists are in a race to manufacture a vaccine for the virus, which is what China wanted; To be in the same position with her opponents.

We have always imagined a WW3 which involved bombers flying high in the skies, a lot of nuclear bombs & gunshots renting the air, but modern warfare has dramatically changed all those perceptions.

Today WW3 is happening right before our eyes! What a moment to be alive!🙉🙉🙉

Africa will suffer for no reason, & it will become worst hit! 

However, there is hope in everything, we still believe in hope even when the odds are obviously worrying.

Say a short prayer for our continent my beloved people.❤💕💝


The Untold Story Of Sanusi's Achievements 

By Prof. Abba Gumel 

"...Further, he uses his position as Emir to enhance the living conditions of his people. For instance, Sanusi made the African Development Bank (ADB), under the leadership of his friend and colleague Akinwumi Adesina, to fund Kano Industrial Diagnostics. No state in the Nigerian federation ever had such privilege. In fact, Adesina made the ADB to consider Kano like an African country just because of his respect and association with Sanusi. The bank is in the process of re-financing a textile factory in Kano, in partnership with new Chinese investors. It is estimated that this factory would employ more people than the total number of people employed by the Kano State Government over the last five years.

Furthermore, Sanusi, as the Chairman of Black Rhino Group (BRG), has made agreement with investors in Nigeria to construct solar power plant in Kano and other locations in the country. BRG has $5 billion investment portfolio in Africa. I have no doubt that Kano and Nigeria will have received a large chunk of this portfolio if the Kano State Government (i.e., Ganduje) and the federal government worked in partnership, and not in opposition, with Sanusi. It is sad that politics is allowed to get in the way of real development. Imagine the unprecedented development the people will receive if these solar plants are built and the epileptic power supply problem is a thing of the past. Imagine how booming the dilapidated and essentially collapsed industries in Bompai, Sharada, Challawa etc. will become (creating millions of high-paying jobs and boosting the local economy).

Sanusi is a modern Emir for the modern times. He challenges his people to constantly seek higher goals and become better versions of themselves. He is a man of immense intellect, talent, knowledge, wisdom, eloquence, global reputation for excellence and vision. Further, when it comes to the art of the display of royal pageantry, no one does it better than the Kano Emirate, particularly at this Muhammadu Sanusi II era. Sanusi is among the few Nigerians that are well-known and revered within and outside Nigeria’s shores. His stellar record of accomplishments in public life speaks for itself.  

It saddens me to accept the fact that, despite its excellent history as a one-time West Africa’s numero-uno centre of commerce, Kano State is now one of the poorest places on earth, with over one million of our children currently out of school. Yet, the State Government that claims to have declared free and compulsory basic education cannot employ 3,000 teachers when over 10,000 are needed. Is this not enough of a challenge for Governor Ganduje to confront, rather than waste time and public resources to embark on the retrogressive jamboree of trying to dethrone Emir Sanusi? Instead of working collaboratively with Sanusi to formulate and implement a strategy for the socio-economic renaissance of the state, Ganduje chose the path of vendetta-driven personal destruction.

 This is rather petty, I must say. Kano deserves and emands better. The Kano Emirate is simply too important to be allowed to be destroyed. It is, and has always been, the centre and DNA of the Naija’s northern region. If Kano burns, the rest of the north (and, by extension, the Naija nation) burns too. What’s going on now in Kano is a matter of immense national security. It threatens the very foundation for peace and social harmony among the various nationalities residing within Kano Emirate and its surrounding environs. We saw what happened in Zamfara State, where a once proud state was partly destroyed because of the ill-advised and retrogressive creation and politicization of the Emirate. Ganduje did the same in Kano (re the balkanization of the Kano Emirate) and ignored court orders that adjudged his action to be manifestly illegal.  

Sanusi is a man of immense quality. He came from a tradition of distinguished public service and leadership. He came from a tradition of bravery, courage and total devotion to duty. That’s why it was no surprise that when he achieved his lifelong dream of ascension onto the revered throne of Dabo, he continued a legacy of impressive service and devotion. Yes, Sanusi achieved his lifelong dream to succeed the throne of his ancestors. But he also knows that such success comes with enormous responsibility to do whatever it takes to effectively serve the people he rules over.  

He also knows that there is time for everything. He who makes him Emir can also choose not to make him Emir. In other words, like I stated above, he is a man of immense belief, and is perfectly at peace with whatever fate has in store for him. He is driven by principles, conscience, sense of right and wrong and selfless devotion to duty. No matter what happens going forward, Sanusi will go down in history as someone who is a selfless and ardent advocate for his people….and this, as Martha Stewart will say, is a damn good thing. Those of us who proudly side with him do so for this….and this reason only.  

Finally, I urge all men and women of conscience, integrity and principles to continue to join hands and help bring peace, harmony, progress and tranquility back to Kano…. the undisputed Jallah Babbar Hausa that modestly prides itself as the region of ``Ko da me kazo an fika”. We have survived adversities in the past, and we will do so again. Governor Ganduje, the ball is in your court. You have a date with history. We hope you choose to do the right thing and be known as someone who built…and not destroy the Emirate. Someone who enhanced the majesty, power and reputation of the historic Emirate…. and not someone who diminished it.  

May peace reign in the Great City of Dabo. Blessed be the great people and government of Kano. Blessed be the Kano Emirate (Africa’s finest). Blessed be our most-beloved His Highness MSII of the Great City of Dabo…. and beyond."

About the author: Abba B. Gumel is a Professor of Mathematics based in the US’s Valley of the Sun.


An Gaishe Ka Namijin Duniya, Gwamna Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i

Daga Imam Murtadha Gusau

Talata, 24/09/2019

Da Sunan Allah, Mai Rahama, Mai Jin kai

Assalamu Alaikum

Ya ku 'yan uwana 'yan Najeriya masu girma, masu daraja! Wallahi, Allah ya sani, kuma shine shaida, na dade ina kwakkwaran bincike da kuma bibiyar ayukka da tsare-tsare, da salon mulki irin na gwamnatin jihar Kaduna, karkashin jagorancin mai girma adalin gwamna, masoyin talakawa, mai kaunar kawo canji na gaskiya a cikin al'ummah, wato Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i; sai daga karshe sakamakon bincike na ya tabbatar mani da cewa, lallai wannan mutum alkhairi yake nufi ga jihar sa ta Kaduna da kuma kasar nan baki daya. Na gano cewa wannan gwamna wallahi, wallahi, wallahi, talaka ne a gaban sa ba aljihun sa ba, kuma na gano, burin sa shine, yaya za'a yi a gyara tsarin kasar nan, ta dawo kamar yadda ake tafiya a can da, ya zamanto babu banbanci tsakanin dan mai kudi da dan talaka; tsakanin 'ya 'yan masu mulki da 'ya 'yan wadanda ake mulka.

Ya ku bayin Allah! A kasar nan ta mu mai albarka Najeriya, mun dade muna ta kiraye-kiraye zuwa ga gwamnati da dukkanin wani mai ruwa da tsaki a harkar ilimin kasar, cewa, wallahi idan ana so ilimin kasar nan ya gyaru, ya koma mai inganci kamar can da, inda da dan Sarki da dan gwamna da dan attajiri duk ajin su daya, to sai an cire son zuciya, ya zamanto an rusa duk wani tsari na makarantu masu zaman kan su (private schools), ko kuma a rage yawan su, abar masu inganci daga cikin su, sannan ya zamanto duk wani mai hali, da 'yan siyasa, da manyan jami'an gwmnatoci, da sarakuna duk su kai 'ya 'yan su makarantun gwamnati tare da 'ya 'yan talakawa, kamar yadda tsarin karatu yake a can da. Wannan hanyar ce kadai idan Allah ya taimake mu, sai tsarin ilimin mu ya gyaru. Amma matukar aka ce makarantun 'ya 'yan manya daban, na 'ya 'yan talakawa daban, to wallahi har abada harkar ilimin mu ba za ya taba gyaruwa ba, wannan ita ce gaskiyar magana.

Idan zamu tuna a shekarar 2015, lokacin da ake Kamfen din neman kuri'un talakawa, gwamna Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i ya dau alkawari, ya bayyana cewa idan Allah yasa yaci nasara, zai sa dan sa a makarantar gwamnati tare da 'ya 'yan talakawa.

Tun a wancan lokacin 'yan adawa da sauran jama'ah suke ta ganin cewa gwamna El-Rufa'i ya fada ne kawai amma sam ba zai iya yin haka ba, saboda lalacewar makarantun gwamnati a kasar nan.

Sai ga shi jiya litinin, 23 ga watan Satumba 2019, a lokacin da aka bude makarantu, bayan hutun karshen zango da aka tafi, mai girma gwamna El-Rufa'i ya ba mara da kunya, ya cika akakawari, ya garzaya da dan sa na cikin sa, Abubakar Al-Sadiq mai shekaru shida (6), zuwa makarantar gwamnati ta Kapital School da ke Kaduna, kamar yadda yayi alkawari a can baya, a inda aka yi masa rajistar shiga aji daya; kuma yayi kira ga sauran jami’an gwamnati da 'yan siyasa da su yi koyi da shi, su sa 'ya’yan su a makarantun gwamnati kamar yadda yayi, domin ta nan ne kadai hanyar da 'yan siyasa da hukumomi za su bi suyi hobbasa domin inganta ilimi.

Sannan kamar yadda kowa ya sani ne, tun bayan hawan gwamna Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i kujerar mulkin Kaduna ya fara aiki tukuru wajen ganin cewa ya gyara makarantun jihar, wanda a halin yanzu aka kusa kammalawa da yardar Allah.

Sanadiyyar kokarin sa, an samu karin dalibai masu shiga makarantu a fadin jihar, da kuma karin daukar malamai kwararru da yayi.

Da wannan ne nike cewa a gaskiya Allah ya taimaki jama'ar jihar Kaduna da zakakurin shugaba, jarumi, kuma adali, mai kishin talakawan sa. Ina rokon Allah yaci gaba da taimakon sa, da yi masa jagora, akan irin wadannan namijin kokari da yake yi wa jjhar sa, sannan ina rokon Allah ya ba shi ikon dare wa kan karagar mulkin Najeriya baki daya, domin irin wadannan shugabannin ne kasar nan ta ke bukata a halin yanzu; wadanda za su sa gaba wurin ganin talakawa sun ji dadi. Allah ya taimake shi, yayi masa jagora, amin.

Ya ku 'yan uwana! Idan za ku iya tunawa, a shekarun baya, mutanen jihar Kaduna sun fada cikin rudani sanadiyyar yawan barkewar rikice-rikice da tashe-tashen hankula a jihar, musamman a wurare irin su Kasuwar Magani da sauran su; rikicin da yake yin sanadiyyar rasa rayukan mutane da dama da kuma dukiyoyin su; sannan ga garkuwa da ake yi da mutane domin karbar kudin fansa, ga rashin zaman lafiya da aka yi fama dashi a fadin jihar, wanda yasa mutane da dama sun fada cikin dimuwa da fargaba a wadancan lokuttan.

Cikin taimakon Allah, mai girma gwamna Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i, ya tashi tsaye haikan, da yake Allah ya dubi kyakkyawar niyyar sa, sai ya taimake shi, ya kawo karshen wadannan rikice-rikice.

Sanadiyyar Allah ya azurta jihar Kaduna da jarumin gwamna, marar tsoro, wanda ya kasa zaune ya kasa tsaye don ganin rikici a jihar bai fi karfin gwamnati ba kamar yadda yakan faru a da can baya, da sai an yi dimbin kashe-kashe, an kona gidaje da dakunan Ibadah kafin a kawo wa mutane dauki, wannan karon gwamna Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i yayi namijin kokari da tsayuwar daka, wurin ganin hakan bai sake faruwa ba da ikon Allah da taimakon sa.

Da kansa ya rika fita titunan jihar, kwararo-kwararo, sako-sako, lungu-lungu, kauye-kauye, karkara-karkara yana kokarin tabbatar da ganin ana bin doka da oda, sannan kuma mutane basu dauki hukunci da doka a hannun su ba.

Ya ku 'yan Najeriya! Lallai, babu shakka, irin wannan salon gudanar da mulki irin na mai girma gwamnan jihar Kaduna, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i, ya nuna cewa, shi ya cika gwani kuma abin alfaharin kowa, duba da yadda ya tabbatar da cewa, ya zama zakaran gwajin dafi cikin takwarorin sa gwamnoni, kuma garkuwa ga al'ummar sa ta jihar Kaduna.

Tun bayan rantsar da shi a karon farko, da shigar sa Ofis, a shekarar 2015, a matsayin zababben gwamnan jihar Kaduna, karkashin tutar jam'iyyar APC, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i ya tarar da jihar cikin kangin fatara da talauci gami da tabarbarewar al'amurran tsaro, da na ilimi, hadi da kiwon lafiya, biyo bayan kura-kurai da tabargazar da gwamnatocin baya suka tafka. Amma cikin hanzari da himma, mai girma gwamna ya sanya kaimi domin magance dukkan matsalolin da suke addabar jihar.

Cikin wadannan shekaru, duk wanda yasan Kaduna, wallahi yasan cewa mai girma gwamna ya samu gagarumar nasarar ciyar da jihar Kaduna gaba ta fannoni daban-daban, sai fa idan mutum ya kasance shi dan adawar siyasa ne, to anan irin wadannan kuwa ba za su taba ganin gaskiya ba balle har su bi ta. Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i ya bayar da gudummawa sosai a wurare da dama, misali:

1. Fannin Tsaro

2. Fannin Ilimi

3. Fannin Tattalin Arziki

4. Fannin Kiwon Lafiya

5. Fannin Siyasa

6. Rikicin Fulani Da Makiyaya da sauran su.

Haka zalika, duba da nagartar sa, da kuma irin ayyukan alkhairin da ya shuka a jihar sa, yasa mai girma shugaban kasa, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari ziyartar jihar sau da dama domin kaddamar da ayukka tare kuma da yaba masa kan yadda yake kokari wurin tabbatar da zaman lafiya da hadin kan 'yan jihar.

Duk wadannan batutuwa, kadan ne na zazzakulo maku daga kowane fanni da mai girma gwamna, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i ya tabo cikin shekarun da yayi yana jan ragamar mulkin jihar Kaduna. Domin wannan shafi yayi kadan matuka wurin iya zayyano komai a cikin lokaci guda.

Shakka babu, gwamnan jihar Kaduna, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa'i ya cika jarumi kuma gwarzon namiji, kuma ya cika shugaba nagari abin koyi. Don haka ina ganin ya zama dole in yaba wa wannan jajirtacce, gwani, zakaran gwajin dafi cikin takwarorin sa gwamnoni, kuma abin alfaharin talaka, wanda ya cancanci ya jagoranci kasar nan zuwa tudun-mun-tsira da yardar Allah!

Duba da wannan, yasa nike ganin cancantar 'yan Najeriya su tashi tsaye gaba dayan su, da rokon Allah da addu'o'i, domin ganin cewa Allah yasa wannan bawan Allah ya zama shugaban kasar Najeriya, domin kowa yaji dadi, ya amfana! Ya Allah ka amsa muna, amin.

Wassalamu Alaikum,

Dan uwan ku, Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, ya rubuto daga Okene, Jihar Kogi, Najeriya. Za'a iya samun sa ta adireshi kamar haka: ko kuma 08038289761.



Sheikh Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami Da Engineer Dr. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso Duk 'Yan uwan Mu Ne!

Daga Imam Murtadha Gusau

Laraba, 25/09/2019

Da Sunan Allah, Mai Rahama, Mai Jin Kai

Assalamu Alaikum

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu kima da daraja! Kamar yadda kuka sani, sanannen dan siyasar nan, tsohon Gwamnan Kano, tsohon Minista, tsohon Sanata, dan jihar Kano kuma dan arewacin Najeriya, Engineer Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso ya kaddamar da bikin tura 'ya'yan talakawa har su dari biyu da arba'in da biyu (242) zuwa kasar India domin karatun digiri na biyu, wanda gidauniyar sa ta Kwankkwasiyya Foundation ta shirya, muna rokon Allah ya saka masa da alkhairi, kuma ya yawaita muna irin su a arewacin Najeriya, amin.

A daidai lokacin da suka tafi filin sauka da tashin jiragen sama na Malam Aminu Kano, da ke cikin birnin Kano, wato Malam Aminu Kano International Airport, domin yin rakkiya ga wadannan yara, kwatsam, sai ga mai girma Ministan Sadarwar Nigeria, Abu Abdir-Rahman, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami shi ma yazo filin jirgin saman domin komawa gida daga ziyarar aiki da ya kai jihar Katsina. A nan sai aka samu wasu shedanun yara, marasa tarbiyya, daga cikin magoya bayan Kwankwasiyya din suka yi masa ihu, suna cewa 'BA MAYI, BA MAYI', wanda da ma dukkanin mu muna sane, a wannan kazamar dimokradiyyar ta Najeriya, wannan ba sabon abu bane, domin shi kan sa Dr. Kwankwason na sha ji ko ganin anyi masa hakan, misali a garin Kaduna da kuma filin jirgin sama na Abuja, a shekarar da ta gabata.

A gaskiya, Allah ya sani, wallahi ni ban ji dadin wannan abun da aka yiwa Dr. Pantami ba, duk da ya kasance yanzu riga biyu ce yake sanye da ita a jikin sa; akwai ta Malanta wadda ita ce asalin sa, da kuma ta mukamin Minista a tsari irin na kazamar siyasar dimokradiyya.

Amma dai ni yanzu abun da nike so mutane su fahimta shine, da Dr. Kwankwaso da Dr. Pantami dukkanin su namu ne. Dukkannin su Musulmai ne kuma 'yan arewa; don haka wallahi ni ba zan yi bangaranci in koma gefe guda ba, wato in goyi bayan Kwankwaso ko in goyi bayan Pantami. Dukkan su mun san su, kuma muna yi masu fatan alkhairi, da addu'ar gamawa lafiya. Dr. Isa Pantami malami na ne kuma babban masoyi na, wanda nike matukar kauna da girmamawa tsakani na da Allah mahallici na ba domin wani abu ba. Ni da shi mun san juna shekaru masu yawa da suka gabata ba tun yanzu ba, ba sai yanzu da ya zama minister ne nike neman ya sanni ba kamar yadda naga wasu na kokarin yi, a'a. Sheikh Pantami Malami na ne wanda yake bani shawarwari da nasihohi masu amfani a duk lokacin da Allah yasa muka hadu da shi; yana bani shawarwari da nasihohi irin na uba ga dan sa. Don haka, Allah ya sani, sam ban ji dadin abun da aka yi masa ba, ba domin komai ba sai don kasancewar sa dan uwan mu, sannan shi dan Najeriya ne mai 'yanci, sannan sai rigar da yake saye da ita ta Malanta da wa'azin Musulunci wadda tafi kowace riga daraja matukar mutum ba Annabin Allah bane shi. Ina rokon Allah ya shiryi wadannan yara da suka yi masa wannan cin mutunci, su gane cewa abun da suka yi masa ba daidai bane. Shi kuma ina rokon Allah ya kara masa hakuri da juriya, yasa hakan ya zamar masa kaffara da karin daukakar darajar sa, amin. Allah ya sani, na dade ina nuna damuwa akan irin yadda aka dade ana ciwa Malamai da ma wadanda ba Malamai ba mutunci akan siyasar nan ta dimokradiyya, musamman daga shekarar 2015 zuwa yau.

Sannan shi kan sa Dr. Kwankwaso, a irin sanin da nayi masa, nayi imani da Allah, ba zai ji dadin abun da aka yiwa Dr. Pantami ba, saboda meye ribar sa a ciki idan har aka yiwa Sheikh Pantami ihu? Don haka ni ina ganin ba daidai ba ne muyi kudin goro ga dukkan 'yan Kwankwasiyya kace duk haka suke, ko kuma kace ai da sanin Dr. Kwankwaso ko da umurnin sa suka yi wannan aika-aika. Domin idan za mu yi adalci, ko a cikin bidiyon da na kalla, naji wasu suna cewa ba daidai ba ne, wasu suna cewa ba'a haka fa, kai wasu har hoto suka yi da shi, to kaga kenan a cikin kowace irin tafiya akwai masu hankali da marasa hankali.

Allah yana fada muna a cikin Alkur'ani mai girma cewa:

"Wata rai ba ta daukar laifin wata."

Kuma idan mun ce haka, kenan yanzu idan wani bara-gurbin Musulmi yayi wani shirme sai ace Musulunci ne ya sa shi yin hakan kenan? Ai ba za mu ce haka ba. Don haka zai zama zalunci kenan kace don wasu 'yan Kwankwasiyya sunyi shirme, kazo kana la'antar shi Dr. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso, ko kuma kace shine yasa su, ko ka zagi sauran masu hankalin cikin su. Idan maganar girmama Malamai ne ai a cikin Kwankwasiyyar ma akwai wasu Malaman na Sunnah masu daraja, abokanan Da'awar Dr. Pantamin da suke tare da Dr. Kwankwaso.

Wallahi ni har mamaki nike yi idan naga wasu suna tayar da jijiyar wuya, suna ihu, suna kunfan baki, wai da sunan kare Dr. Isa Pantami, don sun ga yanzu Allah ya daukaka shi, ya ba shi mukamin Minista, wanda a da can baya, wallahi suna cikin masu cin mutunci da zagin sa, ni da su kar-ta-san-kar ne, idan sun kuma yi musu to sai mu ji, domin a hannun mu akwai faifan bidiyo da na odiyon da suke zagin sa mu kuma muna kokarin hana su. Idan sun musa za mu nuna wa duniya ta gani! Wato su a wurin su sai yanzu ne Sheikh Pantami ya zama mutum ko? Allah Sarki! Wallahi ya kamata mu ji tsoron Allah a cikin al'murran mu. Kuma shi Dr. Pantamin ai yasan ku kar, domin shi ba wawa ba ne kuma ba jahili ba. Ina rokon Allah ya shirye ku, amin. 

Sannan ya zama wajibi a gare mu mu san cewa Dr. Kwankwaso da Dr. Pantami dukkanin su kowa akwai alkhairin sa, sannan akwai kuskuren sa. Don haka ina rokar masu Allah da ya tausaya masu, ya yafe masu kura-kuren su, ya basu ladan kyawawan ayukkan su. Sannan dukkanin mu muma masu laifi ne. Ina rokon Allah ya yafe muna kura-kuren mu, amin.

Sannan ina rokon Allah, wannan jarrabawa da ya jarabi Dr. Pantami da ita, ta mukamin Minista, ya bashi ikon tsallake ta cikin nasara. Shi ma Dr. Kwakwaso wannan kokari da yake yi na taimakawa 'ya'yan talakawa suyi karatu, domin su zama masu dogaro da kansu a nan gaba, shima Allah ya saka masa da alkhiari, amin.

Ya Allah ina rokon ka, don tsarkin Sunayen ka, kasa wadannan bayi naka, wato Dr. Pantami da Dr. Kwankwaso su fahimci juna, su sasanta kawunan su, suyi wa juna afuwa, amin. Ya Allah kar kasa su saurari 'yan kore daga kowane bangare, sannan kar kasa su saurari 'yan zuga. Sannan ya Allah, ina rokon ka, idan muka mutu, muka hadu da kai, ka sa ni, da Dr. Pantami da Dr. Kwankwaso, da duk wanda ya karanta wannan rubutun a Aljannar ka, don rahamar ka, amin.

Sannan wallahi ni babban abun da ya burge ni game sha'anin mai girma Minista, wato Sheikh Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami a cikin wannan cin mutuncin da aka yi masa shine: suna yi masa ihu, suna aibata shi da cin mutuncin sa, amma shi kuma yana tafiyar sa yana fara'ar sa da murmushi abin sa, bai ko ma san suna yi ba.

Na san dai duk mun sani cewa, yin murmushi da fara'a sadaka ne a cikin addinin mu na Musulunci, sannan kuma koyarwar Manzon Allah (SAW) ce.

Da man masu iya magana sunce, amfanin ilimi aiki da shi. Don haka Sheikh Pantami, mun shaida cewa, ka yi ilimi kuma kayi aiki da ilimin ka, da ka rabu da jahilai ba ka kula su ba suna ta ihun su a banza.

Sannan ya ku 'yan uwa! Don Allah ku kalli yadda wasu shedanun 'yan siyasa suke so suyi amfani da wannan jarabawa da ta faru ta Dr. Pantami a matsayin wata hanya ta yada barna, sharri da husuma a cikin al'ummah! Suna so su cimma wani buri nasu na sharri. Wallahi shi yasa nike cewa, ya zama wajibi wadannan shugabanni namu guda biyu su kiyaye, wato Dr. Pantami da Dr. Kwankwaso. Domin na lura da kyau, ana son yin amfani da wannan kaddara domin a cusa barna a tsakanin 'yan arewa. Wani wai shi Fa'izu Alfindiki, mai bai wa Gwamnan Kano shawara (Adviser), ya yada wata karya da wani shirme a soshiyal midiya, da ya zama dole mu kiyaye! Ga rubutun da ya yada kamar haka, ba tare da na canza komai a cikin rubutun sa ba, ta ken rubutun nasa shine:

Abinda wasu 'yan daba daga cikin darikar Kwankwasiyyah suka yiwa Ministan Sadarwa a Nigeria Dr Isah Ali Ibrahim Pantami jiya a filin jirgin sama na Kano yunkurin kisa ne, imba don Allah Ya kaddara jami'an tsaron da ke rakiyarsa sunyi bajinta ba wajen bashi kariya watakila da yanzu wani labarin ake na dabam. Za'a iya tuna watannin baya lokacin da wasu 'yan daba daga cikin magoya bayan darikar Kwankwaso suka tabbatar wa duniya cewa zasu hallaka Malam Isah Ali Pantami tun kafin ya zama Ministan Sadarwa lokacin yana matsayin Darakta Janar a ma'aikatar NITDA a tsakiyar Azumin watan Ramadan da ya gabata, sai gashi a jiya sun tabbatar mana da yunkurin kashe shi din. Sannan sunyi kokarin su keta masa mutunci ta hanyar cire masa hula da kayan jikinsa su masa tsirara bayan jifar da suka masa da ihu da tsinuwa sai Allah Ya kubutar dashi. Muna cike da tsoro idan basu saka wa Maigirma Minista guba (poison) ba saboda sun samu sa'ar taba jikinsa, akwai killer poison ko killer cancer disease wanda 'yan leken asiri (spy) suke amfani dashi su saka a jikin mutumin da suke so su hallaka cikin kankanin lokaci ba tare da an gane su ba, don haka ko da wasa mu ba mu yarda da mamayar da 'yan dabar Kwankwasiyya suka yiwa Ministan Sadarawa ba, dole ayi bincike. A cikin birnin Kano wannan mummunan al'amari ya faru, don haka muna kira ga gwamnatin jihar Kano karkashin jagorancin Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje ta da dauki matakin gaggawa wajen zakulo mutanen da suka jagorancin yunkurin hallaka babban mutum a tsarin dokokin gwamnatin Nigeria Maigirma Ministan Sadarwa don su fuskanci hukunci ko da sun kasancewa daga cikin wadanda aka tura Indiya ne a dawo da su gida a hukuntasu. Sannan muna kira ga gwamnatin tarayya da ta duba yiwuwar daukar matakin gaggawa akan darikar Kwankwasiyya, don kiyaye faruwar abu makamancin wanda suka yiwa Maigirma Ministan sadarwa, babu shakka da sun samu sa'a hallakashi zasu yi. Muna rokon Allah Ya cigaba da tsare mana rayuwar Dr Isah Ali Ibrahim Pantami daga dukkan sharri Amin."

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu karatu, wannan fa shine abun da wannan mutum ya yada! Don haka yanzu meye amfanin wannan? Sannan me yake son cimmawa da wannan shirme na sa? Ni dai na san mutane ba wawaye bane, sannan shi kan sa Dr. Pantamin ba wawa bane. Don haka yanzu ya rage namu, shin zamu yarda da zugan wawaye ne ko kuwa yaya? Mu dai fatan mu da rokon Allah da muke yi, shine Allah ya daidaita su, su fahimci juna, amin.

Kuma gaskiyar lamari shine, wannan rashin tarbiyya na yiwa shugabanni ihu ba sabon abu ba ne a kazamar siyasar arewacin Najeriya; irin haka yasha faruwa ga 'yan siyasa da jami'an gwamnati a wannan yankin. Don haka, ba abin mamaki ba ne don shi ma mai girma Minista ya samu rabon sa na wannan al'ada ta cin zarafin manya.

Na tabbata wadannan mutane sun yi wa Sheikh Pantami abun da suka yi masa ne a matsayin sa na Minista, wanda yake rike da mukamin gwamnati, ba wai don yana Malamin addini ba, kamar yadda naga wasu suke ta kokarin fassara al'amarin. Kar mu manta, a can baya anyi ihu da jifa ga 'yan majalisar tarayya, sanatoci da gwamnoni, wasun mu suna jin dadi da murna da yabawa. Har ma Shugaban kasa da Mataimakin sa an taba jifar su a garuruwan mu, a lokacin mutane suna ta jin dadi da farin ciki. Duk da cewa muna sane wannan duk ya saba wa koyarwar addinin mu na Musulunci da kuma tarbiyyar mu a matsayin mu na 'yan arewa.

Muna kallo aka rika tozarta musamman 'yan majalisar tarayya wadanda ba sa goyon bayan Shugaba Buhari a siyasan ce, mutane suna ta yin tafi da murna, tare da yada hotunan cin mutuncin a soshiyal midiya. Da ma na san ranar kin dillanci tana nan tafe. Domin munafunci dodo ne, kuma mai shi yake ci.

Muna sane, muna ji, kuma muna gani, anan kasar, babu irin zagi, la'anta, batanci da cin mutunci da magoyan bayan Shugaba Buhari ba su yiwa Dr. Ahmad Gumi ba. Shin shi ba Malami bane?

To ashe kenan tun da wannan wata al'ada ce da 'yan siyasa da shugabannin yankin mu suka gina matasan mu akai, matasan da babu karatu, babu aikin yi balle makoma mai kyau, kenan babu wani abin mamaki don an yi wa Sheikh Pantami haka. Don kowa ma za a iya yi masa ihu, hatta Buharin! 

Don haka wallahi gara ma tun yanzu mu fara tunanin daukar matakan gyara wannan shashancin, kafin lokaci ya kure muna! Allah ya kyauta, amin.

Daga karshe nike cewa, a zahiri, a iya sanin mu, babu mutumin da ya kai Mumini, Malami, Mahaddacin littafin Allah, kuma mai kira zuwa ga addinin Allah daraja (Badini wannan sai Allah), saboda ayoyi da hadisai masu tarin yawa sun tabbatar da hakan, kuma babu mai musun haka sai jahili, wawa, wanda bai yarda da addinin Allah ba.

Wassalamu Alaikum,

Dan uwan ku, Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, ya rubuto daga Okene, Jihar Kogi, Najeriya. Za'a iya samun sa a adireshi kamar haka: ko kuma 08038289761.


Wai Shin Su Fulani Ba 'Yan Nijeriya Ba Ne?


Imam Murtadha Gusau

Lahadi, July 7, 2019

Da Sunan Allah, Mai Rahama, Mai Jin Kai

Assalamu Alaikum

Ya ku jama'ar Najeriya! Lallai duk mai bibiyar abubuwan da suke faruwa a kasar nan ta mu yana kallo, kuma yana jin abubuwan da suke gudana kuma suke faruwa na raini, cin mutunci da wulakanci. Wani lokaci wadannan al'amurra su baka dariya, wani lokaci su sa ka kuka, wani lokaci su sa ka takaici, wani lokaci kaji kamar ka mutu ko ka hadiye rai, saboda bakin ciki da bacin rai!

Wadannan abubuwa ba komai bane illa kokarin da ake yi a mayar da wasu 'ya 'yan mowa wasu kuwa 'ya 'yan bora a kasar nan. A nuna cewa wasu shafaffu ne da mai, wasu kuwa ba haka ba. A nuna cewa wasu masu fada aji ne, wasu kuwa ba su da ta cewa. Koma sun ce din to baya da wani tasiri da girma a wurin hukuma!

Har kullum, a kasar nan Najeriya, mun dade muna yaudarar kawunan mu, da cewa MU KASA DAYA CE AL'UMMAH DAYA. Tabbas, ba shakka, mu 'yan arewa mun yarda da hakan, kuma tsakanin mu da Allah muna kokarin kamanta bai wa abokan zaman mu hakkin su. Shi yasa idan ka je yankunan mu na arewa, zaka ga dan wani yanki yana cin karen sa ba babbaka. Yayi kaka-gida shi da iyalan sa, ya mallaki gidaje, filaye, wurin ibada, ma'aikata, hotel-hotel, kai har da gonaki da sauransu. Bamu nuna masu bakin ciki ko sharri. Daga mu har manyan mu, sarakunan mu da 'yan siyasar mu muna buda masu hanya su samu arziki, wadata da rufin asiri. A manyan-manyan kasuwannin mu na arewa sun mallaki manyan shaguna na kasuwanci. Duk wannan yana faruwa ne saboda yarda da muka yi da cewa su 'yan kasa ne, kuma 'yan uwan mu ne, abokan zaman mu ne, don haka suna da 'yanci da hakki su rayu a duk inda suke so, kamar yadda tsarin mulkin kasar mu Najeriya ya ba su 'yanci.

Amma don Allah, ina so muyi wa kan mu adalci, mu tambayi kawunan mu, shin duk wannan gatan da damar da suke samu a yankin mu na arewa mu 'yan arewa a kudu muna samun sa kuwa? Amsa a wurin dukkan wani mai hankali shine, yasan cewa wallahi sam bamu samu. Mutanen nan basu bari mu gina wurin ibada a yankin su, basu bari mu mallaki shaguna a kasuwannin su, basu bari mu mallaki makabartu a kasar su, basu bari mu mallaki gonaki a yankunan su. Kai komai basu bari dan arewa ya mallaka. Wallahi idan kaga dan arewa a kudu, idan ba ma'aikacin gwamnatin tarayya ba ko ma'aikacin banki ko dan kasuwar da zai kama hayar gida, to mai gadi ne shi ko mai yankan farce ko shoe-shiner ko dan garuwa ko almajiri ko mabaraci ko dai wani lebura da sauransu. Mutane ne da ko gida suka baka haya wallahi sai sun gindaya maka tsauraran sharudda na takurawa da musgunawa da mu bamu sa masu ba a yankin arewa. Wannan bayani da nike yi, don Allah idan ba haka bane a fito a karyata ni. Ni nasan kudu ciki-da-wajen ta. Babu abunda za'a nuna mani!

A matsayin mu na 'yan Najeriya, dukkanin mu, 'yan arewar da 'yan kudun, duk mun yarda, kuma munyi alkawari, kuma mun amince cewa, zamu zauna da juna lafiya cikin hadin kai da amana da walwala da mutunta juna da yiwa juna adalci ba tare da fifita dan kudu ko dan arewa ba. Mun amince mu zama 'yan uwan juna, 'yan kasa daya, mu amfana da juna, kowa yayi rayuwar sa da addinin sa babu tsangwama, kowa ya samu hakkokin da ya kamata ya samu a matsayin sa na dan kasa, kowa ya samu 'yanci da mutuntawa, kuma ya mallaki dukiya da kaddarori, ba tare da kallon kabilarsa ko addininsa ko yaren sa ko jinsin sa ko jam'iyyarsa ko yankin da ya fito ba. Kuma ba tare da la'akari da inda aka haife shi ko shi mai arziki ne ko talaka ba. Kuma kowa zai samu kariya daga wulakanci da tozarci ko wane iri ne. Kuma kowa yana da 'yanci da hakkin a saurare shi. Kuma tsarin mulki ya ba kowa damar kadaici da sirri da 'yancin addini. Kuma ya ba kowa damar fadin albarkacin bakin sa, amma ba tare da tada hankali ko shiga hakkin wani ba. Kuma ya ba kowa damar taruwa domin gudanar da wasu al'amurran sa, amma da sharadin ba zai jawo fitina ba. Kuma ya ba kowa damar yawo tare da zama ko rayuwa a duk inda yake so a kasar nan. Amma abun bakin ciki, abun takaici, duk wannan sam a wurin wasu 'yan kudu ba haka bane. Kawai abun a takarda ne kawai, amma idan anzo dabbakawa basu yarda da hakan ba. Irin damar da muke basu sam su basu bamu ita!

Ya ku 'yan Najeriya! Kamar yadda kuka sani, a kokarin da gwamnatin tarayya da gwamnatocin jihohi suke yi na ganin cewa an samar da dawwamammen zaman lafiya mai dorewa tsakanin Fulani da makiyaya a kasar nan, sai gwamnatin tarayya ta yanke shawarar samar wa da fulani rugage na zamani da zasu taimaka wurin takaita tarzomar, ko da dai yin hakan bai magance dukkan matsalar ba to watakila a samu dan sauki. Wasu jihohin arewa goma sha biyu har sun amince da wannan kuduri nan take, kuma sun yi alkawarin za su bada duk hadin kan da ya kamata, domin ganin an ci nasarar wannan aiki mai muhimmanci. Wadannan rugage anyi niyyar gina su, a samar masu da wurin kiwo, ruwan sha, makarantu, wutar lantarki, asibitoci da sauran kayayyakin more rayuwa, domin takaita yawon da fulani suke yi tare da samar masu da ilimin addini da na zamani, la Allah ko za'a samu zaman lafiya. Gwamnati na fitar da wannan sanarwa sai kawai muka ga 'yan kudu sunyi caa a kan gwamnatin tarayya, suna cewa su sam kar a kuskura a kawo wannan magana. Su basu yarda ba kuma basu amince ba. Kungiyoyin kudu na yarbawa da na inyamurai irin su Afenifere, Yoruba Elders Council, Ohanaeze, Gwamnonin kudu, lauyoyinsu, 'yan siyasar su, kungiyoyin su na matasa da dukkan wani mai fada aji a kudu, da 'yan bokon su, kai har da ma kungiyar kiristoci ta Najeriya, wato CAN, duk sun fito sunyi Allah waddai da wannan kuduri na gwamnati game da kirkirar wadannan rugage!

Sunyi zage-zage, sunyi rubuce-rubuce, sunyi batanci; kai wallahi ba irin cin mutuncin da basu yi ba ga fulani da 'yan arewa, akan maganar rugar nan. Kai wasu jihohin ma har sun fara korar fulani daga jihohin su, sun kai masu hari da farmaki da tsangwama iri-iri, duk dai kawai akan gwamnati ta ce za tayi masu rugage. Sanadiyyar haka, kawai kwatsam, sai muka ji cewa wai gwamnati ta jingine maganar gina wadannan rugage tun da 'yan gatanta sun koka, sun nuna basu son ayi!

To abin tambaya anan shine, wai shin don Allah su fulani ba 'yan Najeriya bane? Shin basu da 'yanci da hakkin su amfana da gwamnatin Najeriya kamar ko wane dan Najeriya?Wadannan tambayoyin da ire-iren su masu tarin yawa, wallahi suna bukatar amsa cikin gaggawa domin samun dawwamammen zaman lafiya. Domin Allah shine shaida, ba zamu sake yarda da irin wannan raini da wulakanci ba.

Wai shin kun manta da cewa irin cin mutunci da tsangwama da musgunawa da raini da wulakanci da ake yiwa 'yan uwan mu fulani a kasar nan shine yake sa suke cewa bari su dauki makamai domin su kare kawunan su ko? Wato dai har yanzu bamu dauki darasi daga abunda yake faruwa a jihohi irin Zamfara, Plateau da sauransu ba ko? Wato zamu ci gaba da tozarta su da nuna masu banbanci da wariya ko? To shike nan, babu komai, muci gaba dayi. Ni dai nasan wannan ba zai taba haifa muna da mai ido ba wallahi a kasar nan. Allah ya kiyaye, amin.

Yau a Najeriya idan kai fulani ne baka da 'yanci kamar kowa ne dan Najeriya. Yau a Najeriya akwai yankin da idan kai Musulmi ne 'ya 'yan ka ba zasu sa Hijabi su tafi makarantun gwamnati ba sai an tsangwame su, sai an tilasta masu sun cire Hijabin. Duk fa a Najeriya ake yin wannan! Alhali tsarin mulkin kasar nan ya ba kowa 'yancin yin addinin sa. Kuma duk muna kallon wannan munyi shiru, mun ki daukar kwakkwaran matakin kawo karshen wannan wariya da ake nunawa wata kabila ko masu wani addini. Kuma wai duk a haka muna ta kirarin cewa muna son zaman lafiya. Ta yaya zaman lafiya zai samu a haka? Mu daina yaudarar kawunan mu kawai!

Ya ku 'yan Najeriya! Dole indai har da gaske ne muna son samun zaman lafiya mai dorewa, to dole ne gwamnatoci suyi kokarin dakatar da cin mutunci, wulakanci da banbace-banbancen da ake nunawa fulani da 'yan arewa a kudancin kasar nan. Domin dan arewa ba mahaukaci bane. Yana ji, yana kallo, kuma yana ganin abubuwan da suke faruwa. Idan ba haka ba kuwa, duk lokacin da 'yan arewa suka dauki matakin rama abun da ake yi masu, ba fata nike yi ba, kasar nan zata rikice. Allah ya kiyaye, amin.

Koda yake a wani bangaren kuma wata karin maganar malam bahaushe tana cewa, 'IDAN AN BI TA BARAWO ABI TA MABI SAWU' a wani wurin kuma yace, 'IDAN BERA DA SATA DADDAWA MA TANA DA WARI'. Me wannan yake nufi, wato lallai mu sani, mu kan mu Hausa-fulani, ko kuma 'yan arewa muna da namu laifin da kuskuren da suka jawo muna wannan raini, kaskanci da wulakanci a Najeriya. Ga mu 'yan kasa amma ana neman a mayar da mu kamar baki. Don haka mun sani sarai inda muka kauce, mun sani sarai inda muka yi ba daidai ba, mun sani sarai laifukan da muka yiwa Allah mahaliccin mu, mun sani sarai laifukan da muka yiwa junan mu, har sanadiyyar haka Allah ya jarrabe mu da afkawa cikin wannan hali da muke ciki. Allah ya bamu dan arewa a matsayin shugaban kasar Najeriya, amma maimakon yayi amfani da ikon sa da damar sa da karfin sa, ya nemi taimakon Allah, ya hada kan 'yan arewa, ya mai do wa da arewa kwarjini da martabar da Allah ya bata a can baya, amma ina! Kawai yana nema ya zama inuwar giginya. Allah ya sawwake, amin.

Imamu Abu Dawuda ya fitar da Hadisi, a cikin Sunan din sa, lambar Hadisi na 4297, daga Thauban yace, Manzon Allah (SAW) yace:

"Anyi kusa taron al'ummomi da gungun makiyanku suyi maku taron dangi, su afka maku, suyi kaca-kaca da ku, kamar yadda karti majiya karfi, masu jin yinwa suke yin kaca-kaca da kwanon abinci. Sai wani yace, ya Manzon Allah, saboda rashin yawan mu ne a lokacin shi yasa wannan zai faru da mu? Sai Annabi (SAW) yace: a'a, ba haka bane, a lokacin kuna da yawa (sai dai yawan naku na banza ne), domin zaku zama kamar yayi ko kumfa akan ruwa (zaku zama taron tsintsiya ba shara kenan). A lokacin Allah zai cire kwarjini da duk wani girma da kuke da shi daga cikin zukatan makiyanku. Kuma wallahi Allah zai jefa rauni a cikin zukatan ku; sai wani ya tambayi Annabi (SAW) yace, ya Manzon Allah, wane irin rauni kenan? Sai Annabi yace, son duniya da kyama ko gudun mutuwa."

Kun ga wannan Hadisi ya nuna muna cewa da zaran mun kauce hanya, to lallai zamu samu matsala, zamu zama arha a idon makiyan mu. Allah ya sawwake, amin.

Wassalamu Alaikum,

Dan uwanku Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, daga Okene, jihar Kogi, Najeriya ne ya rubuta. Za'a iya samun sa a adireshi kamar haka: ko kuma +2348038289761.


Allah Ya Sanya Tsayar Da Adalci A Bayan Kasa Ya Zama Sharadin Samun Zaman Lafiya Da Cigaba Mai Dorewa!

Daga Imam Murtadha Gusau

Talata, 12 Mayu, 2019

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Lallai dukkan kyakkyawan yabo da godiya sun tabbata ga Allah, muna yabon sa, muna neman taimakon sa, kuma muna neman gafararsa. Muna neman tsarin Allah da kariyarsa daga sharrin munanan ayyukkanmu. Duk wanda Allah ya shiryar babu mai batar da shi, kuma duk wanda Allah ya batar babu mai shiryar da shi. Ina shaidawa lallai babu abun bautawa da gaskiya sai Allah, kuma ina shaidawa lallai Annabi Muhammad, bawan sa ne kuma Manzon sa ne. 

Salati da sallamawa da tsira su tabbata ga Annabi Muhammad (SAW) da alayensa da sahabbansa da matansa da duk wanda yayi imani da shi kuma yayi aikin kwarai har zuwa ranar tashin kiyama.

Bayan haka:

Ya ku bayin Allah! Ku sani, lallai Allah Ya umarce mu da tsayar da adalci a bayan kasa, kuma ya sanar da mu cewa, da adalci ne sama da kasa suka tsayu. Kuma shine ginshiki da tushen samun zaman lafiya da cigaba masu dorewa a cikin al'ummah. Sannan nagartattun malamai, salihan bayin Allah, irin su Shaikhul Islamu Ibn Taimiyya da Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio da Malam Abdullahin Gwandu sun shaida muna cewa:

"Allah yana taimakon daular da ta tsayar da adalci koda kafira ce, a yayin da Allah yake durkusar da daular da take zalunci koda Musulmi ke shugabancin ta."

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu daraja! Darasin mu na yau yana bayani ne akan muhimmancin adalci, wanda a yau mu al'ummar Musulmi yake neman yayi karanci a tsakanin mu.

Allah Madaukaki Ya umurci Musulmi da su tsai da adalci ta kowane hali, inda Yace: 

“Ya ku wadanda suka yi imani! Ku kasance masu tsayin daka domin Allah, masu shaida da adalci. Kuma kada kiyayya da wadansu mutane ta dauke ku akan ba zaku yi adalci ba. Kuyi adalci shine mafi kusa da takawa.”

Kuma Allah Yace: 

“Kuma idan kun fadi magana to kuyi adalci, kuma koda ya kasance ma’abaucin zumunta ne….”

Kuma Allah Ya sake cewa:

“Lallai Allah Yana umurninku da adalci da kuma kyautatawa…”

Kuma Allah Yace:

"Hakika mun aiko Manzannin mu da hujjoji bayyanannu, kuma mun saukar masu da littafi da ma'auni (na tsayar da adalci) domin mutane su tsayar da adalci tsakaninsu..."

Kuma Allah ya fada a Hadisil Qudusi cewa:

"Na haramta zalunci ga kaina, kuma na sanya shi ya zama haramun a tsakanin ku, saboda haka kada ku zalunci junanku."

Ya ku Jama'a! Adalci shine, bai wa kowa hakkinsa da Shari'a ta tabbatar masa, ba tare da nuna ko wane irin banbanci ba. Kuma duk inda ake tsayar da adalci, to lallai zaka samu zaman lafiya, son juna, walwala, cigaba da jin dadi a cikin al'ummah da tsakankanin jama'ah sun yawaita. A Musulunci, tsayar da adalci yana daga cikin manyan kyawawan dabi'u. Wannan ya nuna kenan duk inda Musulmi suke, indai har Musulmin gaskiya ne, to zaka same su sun rungumi adalci.

Kuma Alkur'ani Mai girma ya bayyana karara cewa Allah ya umurci mutane da dukkan al'ummomi masu neman zaman lafiya da cigaba, su mu'amalanci juna da kyakkyawar mu'amala, tausayi da tsayar da adalci a duk halin da suka samu kansu a ciki. Kuma kowa yana sane da cewa, Allah yana son adalci, kuma yaki jinin zalunci, kuma baya son azzalumai.

Ya ku bayin Allah! Lallai ku sani, Allah ya wajabta wa dukkanin mutane, suyi kokari wurin ganin cewa an tabbatar da adalci a bayan kasa, domin samun zaman lafiya mai dorewa. Shi yasa Allah ya aiko Annabawa, kuma ya hado su da dokoki, domin su taimakawa mutane wurin tsayar da adalci. Wahayin da suka karba daga Allah ya nuna hanyar da za'a bi a tsayar da adalci a cikin al'ummah. Misali, yiwa talakawa adalci, maza da mata, kai hatta makiyan mu an umurce mu da yi masu adalci.

Wajibi ne Musulmi su hadu, su hada kai domin su dakatar da rashin adalci da zalunci a cikin al'ummah. Wannan aiki ne da Allah ya dora masu. Abune da sam bai dace ba Musulmi su zuba ido, su rungume hannuwansu, suna kallo ana tafka zalunci da rashin adalci ba tare da sun dauki matakin da ya dace wurin tsayar da shi ba.

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu albarka! Kamar yadda kuka sani, aiki da dokokin Allah da shari'arsa wajibi ne a wurin dukkan Musulmi ta ko wane hali. Sannan duk Musulmi yasan da cewa siyasa ta kasu kashi-kashi, akwai siyasar Musulunci sannan akwai wadda ba ta Musulunci ba. Misali, siyasar Dimukradiyya ai ba tamu bace mu Musulmi. Domin a Musulunci muna da tamu siyasa, wato ta Shari'a. Kawai mun samu kan mu cikin wani yanayi ne mu Musulmin Nigeria. Sai aka wayi gari muna yin siyasar Dimukradiyyah a bisa lalura. Wannan tsari na Dimukradiyyah, bakon tsari ne a Musulunci, da muka amince muyi shi, amma a bisa lalura. Kenan ya zama wajibi in dai har muna son zaman lafiya mai dorewa a tsakankaninmu, muyi wannan tsari a bisa dokokin sa da tsarin sa da masu shi suka tsara shi a kai, na ganin cewa duk wanda yaci a bashi, wanda Allah ya ba a bashi, kar ayi wa kowa kwace da nuna fin karfi! Domin matukar aka kaucewa wannan, to lallai zamu jefa kan mu cikin tashin hankali, fitina da rudani. Allah ya kiyaye, amin.

Ya ku bayin Allah! Bari in tambaye mu don Allah, shin yanzu abubuwan da suka gudana a wannan kasa tamu mai albarka Nigeria, na zaben da aka gudanar na Gwamnonin jihohi, shin akwai niyyar tabbatarwa da wasu adalci kuwa? Amsa ita ce: ga alamu, a'a.

Kuma shin me yasa ne dukkanin jihohin da akace zabe bai kammala ba, jihohi ne da ake ganin jam'iyyar adawa ta PDP ta ke kan gaba? Shin me ake shirin yi anan? Shin ana son a murde masu ne? Shin ana da niyyar tabbatar da adalci a wannan al'amari? Amsa dai ita ce: bamu ga alamun hakan ba!

To wallahi, muna kira da babbar murya, kuji tsoron Allah, kar ku jefa mu cikin rikici da tashin hankali! Don Allah duk wanda Allah ya ba mulki ku bashi, kar kuce zaku murde, ku hana masa. Kuyi wa kowa adalci. Wannan shi zai sa mu samu zaman lafiya da cigaba mai dorewa.

Ina mai girma Shugaban kasar mu Muhammadu Buhari? Kar kayi shiru akan wannan al'amari, kasa baki don Allah, ka nuna masu duk wanda Allah ya bai wa a bashi. Ka tuna fa, kirarin ka shine MAI GASKIYA. Kar ka bari wasu miyagu su bata maka tafiyar ka. Yi kokari yadda ka fara lafiya ka gama lafiya! Kar ka yarda a danne hakkin wasu. Ka sani, Allah yana kallon ka, sannan duniya tana kallon ka!

Ina kwamitin zaman lafiya na su mai girma tsohon shugaban kasa AbdulSalam Abubakar, su Mai Alfarmah Sultan, su Reverend Matthew Hasan Kuka, su John Onaiyekan? Ya kamata ku sa baki a cikin wannan al'amari, ku tabbatar da cewa duk wanda yaci zabe an bashi, domin tabbatar da samun zaman lafiya a kasar mu mai albarka, Nigeria.

Ina Sarakunan mu suke? Kune fa iyayen wannan al'ummah! Ya zama wajibi ku bada gudummawar ku wurin ganin an kaucewa tashin hankali. Duk wanda Allah yasa yaci zabe a bashi hakkinsa.

Ina Malaman mu na Musulunci? Shin kun manta da umurnin Allah na tsayar da adalci?

Ina Fastoci suke? Shin ina zancen tabbatar da adalci da kuke karantawa a littafin ku?

Duniya fa tana kallon abunda yake faruwa a Nigeria! Kuma dukkanin mu muna sane da illar da rashin adalci yake haifar wa mara dadi. Don Allah mu hadu muyi wani abu akai.

Irin abun da muke gani, da abubuwan da suke faruwa, yanzu dai kam babu wata Dimukradiyyah a Nigeria. Misali:

1. A Jihar Kano an ce zabe bai kammala ba, saboda jam'iyyar PDP ta adawa ce ke kan gaba!

2. A Jihar Sokoto an ce zabe bai kammala ba, anan ma PDP ce ke kan gaba!

3. A Jihar Plateau ma an ce zabe bai kammala ba, nan ma PDP ce ke kan gaba!

4. A Jihar Adamawa an ce zabe bai kammala ba, nan ma PDP ce ke kan gaba da kuri'u mafiya rinjaye!

5. A Jihar Bauchi an ce zabe bai kammala ba, nan ma don sun ga PDP ce ke kan gaba!

6. A Jihar Benue ma haka, sun ce zabe bai kammala ba, saboda Jihar PDP ce!

7. Haka abun yake a Jihar Rivers, an dakatar da duk wasu harkokin zabe, saboda Jihar PDP ce!

Amma saurara kaji wani abun mamaki, ikon Allah:

1. A Jihar Kaduna an ce zabe ya kammala, saboda APC ce tayi nasara!

2. A Jihar Niger zabe ya kammala, saboda APC tayi nasara!

3. A Jihar Kebbi, zabe ya kammala, saboda APC ce tayi nasara!

4. A Jihar Katsina, nan ma zabe ya kammala, saboda APC ce ta lashe zaben!

5. A Jihar Gombe, zabe ya kammala, saboda APC tayi nasara!

6. A Jihar Jigawa, zabe ya kammala, nan ma saboda APC ce ta ci!

7. A Jihar Nasarawa, zabe ya kammala, saboda APC ce tayi nasara!

8. A Jihar Kwara, zabe ya kammala, saboda APC ce tayi nasara!

9. A Jihar Borno, anyi kammalallen zabe, domin APC ce ta cinye!

10. A Jihar Yobe, nan ma babu matsala, domin ta APC ce!

11. A Jiha ta Zamfara ma anyi kammalallen zabe, saboda jam'iyya mai mulki ta APC ta ci zabe!

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu daraja! Yanzu don Allah zaku gaya mani cewa, wannan abun gaskiya aka bi wurin tabbatar da shi? To in dai har ku kun yarda, ni dai kam wallahi, sam ban amince ba.

Maganar gaskiya wannan sharri ne da magudi da rashin adalci irin na 'yan siyasa. Kuma wadannan 'yan siyasar da ke kokarin tafka rashin adalci, wallahi, basa son zaman lafiyar Al'ummar su, musamman ma arewa. Suna son su jefa mu cikin wani sabon tashin hankali da rikici. Allah ya tsare, ya kiyaye, kuma Allah ya mayar masu da aniyar su, amin.

Don Allah me yasa ne duk inda jam'iyyar APC ta lashe zabe suka sanar da cinye zaben, amma kuma duk inda jam'iyyar PDP ta ke kan gaba suka ce wai ba'a kammala zabe ba?

Kuma wai a haka ne za'a gaya muna wai ana yin Dimukradiyyah. Wace Dimukradiyyar kenan? Dimukradiyyah ko dai yaudara?

Wallahi bai kamata ku rinka wahalar da jama'ah ba, matukar kun san kama karya da rashin adalci zaku yi. Yanzu don Allah abunda ya faru a Kano ba abun kunya bane? Ace irin wadannan mutane sune suke jagorantar al'ummah Musulma irin Kano?

Muna Addu'a Allah ya ceto yankin mu na arewa da Nigeria baki daya, daga sharrin da wadannan mutane ke kokarin jefa su, amin.

Ta yaya zaku ce kuyi amfani da karfi ku kwace mulki daga hannun wadanda Allah ya bai wa, sannan kuce kuna son zaman lafiya? Zaman lafiyar naku ne? Ba Allah yake da shi ba? Sannan ya baku idan kun tsayar da adalci?

Amma babu komai, ku da Allah, da kuma jama'ar Nigeria masu kokarin ganin an tabbatar da adalci ga kowa da kowa!

Ya ku 'yan uwana masu daraja! Ina kara tunatar da ku, Allah Madaukaki Ya siffanta kan sa da cewa Shi Mai umurni ne da yin adalci, Mai kuma hanin yin zalunci ne. Yace a cikin suratun Nahl aya ta 90:

"Lallai Allah yana yin umurni da yin adalci, da ihsani, da yin kyauta ga ma'abucin kusanci, Yana hanin aikata alfasha, da munkari, da zalunci, Yana muku wa'azi kila za ku wa'azantu."

Sannan Ya haramta wa kanSa zalunci, ya kuma haramta wa bayinsa yin zalunci.

Sannan lallai yana daga cikin abin da addinin Musulunci ya shahara da shi: haramta zaluntar Jama'a. Kuma lallai yana daga cikin abin da addinin Musulunci ya shahara da shi: wajabta taimakon wanda ake zalunta.

Babu ta yadda za ayi Musuluncin mutum, da mutuntakar sa su cika matukar ba ya kokarin tunkude wa al'ummar sa zalunci da rashin adalci.

Sannan lallai abu ne da yake wajibi a kan dukkan wani mai iko, yayi dukkan abin da zai iyayi na halal domin ya tunkude wa al'ummar sa zalunci da aukuwar tashin hankali da fitina.

Imamul Bukhari ya ruwaito Hadisi cikin Sahihin sa daga Sahabi Anas Dan Malik Allah Ya kara masa yarda ya ce:

"Manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su kara tabbata a gare shi yace: "Ka taimaki dan uwan ka yana azzalumi ko yana wanda aka zalunta" sai wani mutum ya ce: Ya manzon Allah zan taimake shi in yana wanda aka zalunta (in kwato masa hakkinsa), to amma in yana mai zalunci ta yaya zan taimake shi? Sai yace: Ka hana shi yin zalunci wannan shine taimakon ka gare shi."

Sannan Imamu Muslim ya ruwaito Hadisi daga Sahabi Jabir Dan Abdullahi yace:

"Wasu yara biyu sun yi fada da juna, daya daga cikin Muhajirai yake, dayan kuwa daga cikin Ansarawa, sai Muhajirin ya daga murya ya nemi taimakon Muhajirai, shi kuwa ba'ansaren ya daga murya ya nemi taimakon Ansarawa, sai manzon Allah tsira da amincin Allah su kara tabbata a gare shi ya fito yace: Wane irin kirayen jahiliyya ne haka? Sai suka ce: Ya Manzon Allah yara ne biyu suke fada da juna, sai dayan su ya doki dayan su a duburarsa. Sai (Annabi) yace: Babu laifi, mutum ya taimaki Dan uwan sa yana azzalumi ko yana wanda ake zalunta, in ya kasance azzalumi ne sai ya hana shi yin zaluncin, wannan shine taimakon sa gare shi, in kuma ya kasance wanda ake zalunta ne sai ya taimake shi."

Sannan zunubi ne babba mutum ya ga ana kokarin wulakanta wasu muminai a gaban sa, kuma ya kame hannayen sa da bakin sa, ba tare da yayi wani yunkuri domin ya kawo masu agajin da zai iya ba.

Ya ku 'yan uwana Musulmi! Kuma yana da kyau ku sani, a dokokin Musulunci, da kuma aqidah da manhajin Ahlis-Sunnah wal Jama'ah, duk wanda Allah (SWT) ya ba mulki, ko ta wace hanya ne, kuma ko da baka so ya zama shugaba ba, to kayi hakuri, kayi masa da'a da biyayya, matukar bai umurce ka da sabawa Allah ba. Sannan kayi masa Addu'a da fatan Allah ya bashi ikon yin adalci ga kowa da kowa, hatta wadanda basu tare da shi. Kuma kayi masa Addu'ar Allah ya bashi ikon sauke nauyin da ya dora masa. 

Ya Allah, ina rokon ka, don tsarkin sunayen ka, kayi wa dukkanin shugabannin mu jagora akan tafarki madaidaici da ka yarda da shi, amin.

Wassalamu Alaikum... Dan uwanku:

Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, daga Okene, Jihar Kogi, Nigeria. Za'a same shi ta: ko kuma 08038289761.






Duk mutumin da ke bibiya da lura da abinda ke faruwa na harkar siyasa a jihar Kaduna baya bukatar k'arin bayani. Domin abin a fili yake kamar misalin hasken rana ce ta fito, baka bukatar ace maka ta fito. Kuma yana da kyau duk wani mai hankaki d'an jihar Kaduna ya fahimci cewa: siyasar jihar Kaduna ba jam'iyya ba ce Addini ce, saboda haka dole mu fito a matsayin mu na Musulmai musu kishin Addinin mu mu nuna kishinmu kuma mu zabi wanda zai kare mana Addinin mu da rayukan mu.

Kuma mu sa ni cewa zaben jihar Kaduna:

1) Zabe ne tsakanin Imani da Kafirci.

2) Zabe ne tsakanin Musulunci da Kafirci.

3) Zabe ne tsakanin Mumunai da Munafikai.

4)Zabe ne tsakanin masu kishin kasarsu da marasa kishinta.

5) Zabe ne tsakanin masu kaunar sahabbai da masu zaginsu.

6) Zabe ne tsakanin masu son fadan addini da masu kyamatar fadan addini.

7) Zabe ne tsakanin masu son zaman lafiya da masu son tashin hankali.

8) Zabe ne tsakanin masu son cigabar jihar Kaduna da kiristocin kudancin Kaduna masu son tashin hankali da kashe-kashe.


*Dan uwanku a Musulunci: ✍*
*Abu Ja'afar*
*Yusuf Lawal Yusuf*
25th Jumãda al Ãkhirah, 1440H.



What is the real value of the money you receive on Election Day, in order to cast your vote for a candidate?

    Note that the money you receive is all you will be paid in the 4 years the candidate will be in office. He has paid you in advance for 4 years service.  

         365 dys x 4 yrs = 1460 days. 

1. You receive #5,000 ? OK 
                #5,000➗1460 = N3 per day. 

= That is the value of the vote you sold, over 4 years. 

2. U receive #1000..?Ok, now 
                1000➗1460 = 68 kobo per day. 

3. You receive #500..?
                500 ➗1460 = 34 kobo per day

3. You receive #200 to vote..? 
        See 200➗1460 = 13 kobo per day..!!

The question is how much do you value yourself..? 

Is that what you are worth..? 
  They have bought your silence so that they and their children can live well. 
  Can you live on 13 kobo per day or even 68 kobo per day? Tom Tom sweet is 10 naira think twice before u decide.
        God bless Nigeria.

            vote wisely!!!

 Spread this message as far and wide as you can,and by all possible means. Save your future generations from imminent extinction.

24 Reasons Atiku Must Not Be President

24 Reasons Atiku Must Not Be President 


1. Atiku borrowed money from Ecobank and refused to pay back. When his name was published as a delinquent debtor, he said he never applied for the N150m loan. It was just “allocated to him”.

2. Atiku took a loan from Bank PHB in 1998 of N300m to run for Governorship of Adamawa, when he was controversially declared the winner and after becoming the Vice President the bank “cancelled” the loan.

3. Atiku should tell us what happened to the N7.5b failed Chochi Dam project, for which he brought the contractor & supervised the project. 

4. What happened to the Jada Federal Government communication project awarded by Obasanjo under his supervision which N4.5b went into a failed project?

*Abuse of Office*  

5. Atiku boasted that he was smart enough to set up Intels whilst he was a Customs Officer. Intels handles customs logistics and container services within the same Ports. Atiku used govt office as ‘work-chop’, a clear breach of his terms of employment.

6. Atiku’s period as Vice Presidency witnessed longest university closure due to ASUU strike. Rather than solve the problem, Atiku seized the business opportunity to secure a university license for himself and make money from a problem he should solve but refused to solve.

*Criminal Activity* 

7. According to Wikileaks, quoting a member of the Niger Delta Technical Committee on illegal bunkering, Atiku used Intels to perpetrate large scale oil bunkering and arms dealing. Little wonder Atiku says killings would continue if PMB remains in office.


8. ‘I made my money from letting my 1st house in Yola and building others with the rent’- Atiku, 2007 (published in Wikipeadia)

*More Lies* 

9. ‘I sourced my wealth by acquiring 4 pick-up vans on hire purchase and it grew into my transport business’- Atiku, Nov 2017 (published in Premium Times)

*Even More Lies* 

10. ‘I started by selling firewood’- Atiku, Nov 2018

11. Atiku is a fugitive from the law in the US. He claims he wasn’t given a visa but the US Embassy states categorically that Atiku has never applied for a visa ever since he was indicted by the US Congress on money laundering charges.

*Grand Corruption*

12. According to the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Atiku as VP Nigeria used offshore companies to siphon millions of USD to Jennifer Douglas his 4th wife in the US.

13. William Jefferson, a key accomplice of Atiku is in jail for arranging money for Atiku to influence award of contracts and licenses in Nigeria…little wonder Atiku was invited to apply for US visa but kept a safe distance from the Embassy.

14. Atiku like a bad coin was also involved in the Siemens $2.8b bribe scandal… name any bribe scandal, Atiku is there.

15. Atiku is the 1st sitting Nigerian VP that was hunted and indicted by the US for a corruption offence, even with diplomatic immunity.


16. According Wikileaks, quoting Makarfi former Gov of Kaduna and former PDP chairman, Atiku staged the Sharia riots that caused the burning of several buildings just to embarrass Obasanjo…no limit to desperation.

*Other Atrocities*

17. Remember the $17billion spending on electricity? Atiku owns the biggest generator importation business in Nigeria. How would he want PHCN to work?

18. Atiku as Chairman Presidential Council on Privatisation supervised the sale of government corporations to himself using cronies. He has also promised to sell NNPC and other remaining assets to his hangers on.

19. A leopard never changes its spots. In 2018, Atiku was at it again, spending an estimate of N9billion to secure PDP nomination spending $5,000 per delegate. As a businessman, he will first look for where to recover the money win or lose the election!

20. Bamanga Tukur was one of the richest people in the North East with two shipping vessels on the high seas, but just after 8 years as VP, Atiku not only became the richest in Adamawa and one of the richest in Nigeria, building 158 mansions in the country.

21. Atiku is a *religious bigot*. He built 42 mosques in Christian dominated areas of Adamawa State the citing and construction of some of these mosques created several crisis killing thousands of people and dethroning a First Class king.

22. As a retired Customs officer & VP, how did Atiku get millions of dollars without a bank loan to pay American University in Washington DC for a direct franchise license for a University with an estimated worth of $25 million.

*Let’s hear from his chief endorser*

23. “If with what I know, I support Atiku for anything God will not forgive me. If I do not know, yes. But once I know, Atiku can never enjoy my support” – Obj August 3, 2018

24. “What i did not know, which came out glaringly later, was his parental background which was somewhat shadowy, his propensity to corruption, his tendency to disloyalty, his inability to say and stick to the truth all the time, a propensity for poor judgement, his belief and reliance on marabouts, his lack of transparency, his trust in money to buy his way out on all issues and his readiness to sacrifice morality, integrity, propriety, truth and national interest for self and selfish interest” *Obj on Atiku page 32, Lines 5-12 My Watch*

Why we should thank Mathew Kukah

Why we should thank Mathew Kukah


Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Monday, 7 January 2019

Muslims of Northern Nigeria are a wonderful people. For long we have been singing Islam and using it whenever it is to our advantage. Our Islamic scholars use their positions to get close to people in power. It pays handsomely. They are made members of Islamic related committees, be they committees on Hajj, Shariah, Zakkah, hisbah, Da’wah, etc. Opportunities became even greater with the coming of this fourth republic when every Northern Governor began to launch and relaunch one kind of Shariah-related programme or another to help improve his popularity. Scholars who were hitherto fighting in the name of aqeedah differences came together as Shariah champions to work for the "progress of Islam".

Our emirs who are the officially-recognized leaders of the Muslim Ummah have been getting their allocation from the budgets of local Governments in their domain and serve as umbrella for retired civil and military officials who pay to get crowned with one traditional title or another. They go with every Government and their relations and cronies are favoured in Government contracts and appointments.

Our politicians use Islam as an opportunity to get to power. If you doubt this ask Yakubu Dogara, for example, to contest the Governorship of Bauchi state or any Christian to try contesting such an office in any of the predominantly Muslim Northern states. Buhari is only popular because he is a Muslim. Should he renounce Islam before February 16, we don’t pray for that, he will lose the presidential election. At a point in time, every politician who wanted to win an election in the North had to lie that he will enforce Shariah law if elected.

The rest of us are either working or doing one legitimate business or another. Yet, despite what Allah Has done to us and our use of His religion to get what we want, I don’t know of any formidable initiative to solve the problem of almajirci in the North. Even our leaders only condemn as the rest of us do.  

All of a sudden, the Christians came up with an idea. That since we don’t seem to care about these our underaged children roaming the streets with plastics begging for food, the Church will create a centre for them, in which they will feed, clothe and shelter them. In addition, they will teach them vocation alongside the Qur’an with whose teaching they will not interfere. To kick-start this project is no other than Reverend Mathew Hassan-Kukah. Mathew Kukah is a Northern Christian intellectual who has lived in the North and interacted with all manners of Northern Muslims from the most ordinary commoner to the Sultan who is his close friend. In fact, if you say Mathew Hassan-Kukah was posted to Sokoto diocese because of his relationship with the Sultan you would be right.

As a Northerner, an intelligent one for that matter, Mathew Kukah understands the sensibilities of Muslims and would thus do his best to hide any proselytization agenda at the initial stage.
Now, with the announcement of the Christian intent, everybody remembered that the almajirai are Muslims and that they will end up becoming Christians if such centres are established. Great, we now remember that we should not allow these innocent children to be converted to Christianity. What should we do? 

What one would expect of a responsible people faced with this type of challenge is to thank the Church for reminding them of their responsibility and come up with a more comprehensive programme than that of Mathew Kukah. Unfortunately, the kind of sentiments being expressed and the fact that more than a year after Kukah mooted this idea nothing has come up from our religious leaders and our “Shariah compliant” politicians portray us as a people not serious.

 “The almajiri system has outlived its usefulness and should be banned” says one commentator. “Jabir, Sudais, Husary and other world renown Quranic reciters did not attend tsangaya, so we should do away with it” says another. Others say after banning the system, Government should be advised to improve schools in the rural areas so that the would-be almajirai will now have sound education. Plus many such funny ideas. Perhaps the most responsible comment I read on the Kukah initiative is the one by Prof. Ishaq Akintola in which he requested Northern Muslims to empower Islamic NGOs to cater for the almajiri.

For those calling for the total banning of the almajiri system, let’s weigh the options.

Leaving the tsangaya system will maintain the almajirai on the streets. As it is now, very few of them will end up being scholars but many of them would end up being petty traders, business tycoons, bus conductors and drivers, motorpark touts, Hausa musicians, etc. Others will be in Kukah centres (He promised to train 10 million almajirai to acquire skills) and there will be many of them. Some of the products of the Mathew centres will be sponsored to study abroad and come back to integrate with their communities. They will be Christians and since they will have money with them they will attract villagers who are their blood to Christianity. With this, Sokoto state may have a Christian governor in future.

Banning the tsangaya system will return the almajirai to their parents in the villages. The most lucrative business in the rural areas now is banditry and kidnapping. They can kill anyone to get money. Those who think politicians will establish good schools to cater for these children are probably not aware of the conditions of the existing Government schools.

Like the Hausa man will put it, “gaba kura baya sayaki”. Neither option is sweet. The only thing left for us is to come up with another alternative. The best option as far as yours sincerely is concerned is for the Muslim Ummah to come up with a comprehensive programme to cater for the almajiri child. 

Meanwhile, many thanks to Rev. Hassan-Kukah for the wake-up.

Abdussamad Umar Jibia Forwarded as received

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug. 


Politician: Is this Bruno?

Bruno: Yes. 

Who am I speaking with?

Politician: Your boss.

Can't you recognize my voice?

Bruno: Oh, sorry sir.
Good afternoon boss. 

Your voice has changed. 

And I don't have this number. 

Politician: Forget about the changed voice and the unknown number.

There's a job. 

Bruno: Job?

Politician: Get your boys ready. 

I will make every detail available tonight. 

No stories. 

I don't want a repeat of what happened the other time. 

Bruno: Remember sir, we lost J-boy in our last outing. 

Politician: Yes. 

And so?

Bruno: We may have a gap or leakage in our strategic positioning. 

Politician: Bruno, what do you want? 

Go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush. 

I don't have all the time my friend. 

Bruno: We need to fill J-boy's gap.  

Politician: My friend you're talking too much. 

What do you want???????

Bruno: I want us to replace J-boy with your son. 

Henceforth, let him be part of every assignment you give to us sir. 

Politician: My son?! My only son! You must be crazy. You are out of your... (Bruno cuts in)

Bruno: Sir, am not crazy ooo. 

You are the crazy one here.

We are people's children too. 

The same way you feel for your children, that's the same way our parents feel about us. 

Let me tell you Mr Man, you can't be using us as thugs while your children are schooling in UK, USA, Japan, etc and enjoying the luxuries of life. 

You have used us to destabilize the polity through violence and assassination of innocent people. 

If you ever want us to do any 'job' for you, let all your male children be part of us. 

You think we don't know that your children work in NNPC, FIRS, CBN, NCC, DPR, etc. 

We are degree holders. 

If you want to give us any 'job' again, it should be in any of the above mentioned places. 

Foolish man.

It is a script! 

But the message has been passed.  

Nigerian Youths Say No To Thuggery. 

Don't Allow Yourself to be used as Thugs. 

Anyone who wants you as a thug, request that his children be part of it.

Vote and not fight.

Say no to violence.



Kuji daga bakin Malam:

"Ba mu da wani mutumin da muke sa masa rai wajen dawo da tsari da farfado da tattalin arzikin kasa da gyara harkar ilimi, noma tabbatatar da tsaro a mukamin shugaban kasa da ya wuce janaral Buhari.

Don haka ya zama dole a gare mu, ya zama wajibi akan mu, ya zanto tilas a kowanne daya daga cikin mu, mace ko namiji ya tabbata amana ce tsakanin sa da ubangiji ya jefa ma wannan bawan Allah kuri'a dan ya samu damar hawa mataki na shugaban kasa ya zama wajibi akan kowane daya daga cikin mu ya dage da addu'a ya kashe wani bangare na kudin aljihun sa daga yanzu har ya zuwa lokacin da za'a kada kuri'a wajen tallafa ma tafiyar, kokarin, yunkurin tabbatar da cin nasarar janaral Muhammadu Buhari.

Ubangiji muna rokon ka da sunayen ka, muna rokon ka da siffofin ka, Ya Ubangiji ka damka masa amanar shugabancin kasar mu, ya ubangiji ka bashi nasara. 

Ya ubangiji duk wadanda suka tsaya wajen suga sun kadar dashi ya ubangiji ka tade kafafun su, ya ubangiji ka gadar masu da tabewa da hasara, wannan shine abunda ke wajibi akan mu , mu sani cewa kasar mu tana fama da matsaloli: Matsaloli ta fuskar tsaro, matsaloli ta fuskar koma bayan ilimi, matsaloli ta fuskar tattalin arziki, matsaloli ta fuskar wargajewar al'amura, rashi zaman lafiya.

Kashe kashen da akayi cikin shekaru uku ko hudu kadai na wannan gwamnati irin wadanda ba'a taba yin su ba tun daga lokacin da akayi yakin BASASA a Nijeriya, kudaden da Najeriya ta samu a wannan lokaci na cikin shekaru hudu kudadden ba'a taba samun irin su bane tun daga lokacin da aka kirkiro nigeriya.

Amma kuma shine lokacin da mutane suka fi zama cikin halin kunci da shiga halin kakani kayi, don haka ya zama wajibi a gare mu muyi kokarin kawo canji, ubangiji ta'ala ya jarrabe mu da shugabanin da basa jin tausayin mu, ya jarrabe mu da shugabanni masu fasadi wadanda basa tunani cikin duk abunda yake gyara ne, wadanda zuciyar su babu wani gurbi na tunanin talaka mai karamin karfi a cikin zukatan su, in ba yan kadan ba can da can.

Don haka sai ya zama dole akan dukkan wani mai hankali, masanin ya kamata, mai tunani nagari ya ga yaya zaiyi yayi yunkuri da an kawo canji a cikin wannan lokaci".

Allahu akbar! Gwani na ba'a bin ka bashin hujja.

Allah Ya jikan Malam, Ya kai haske kabarin Sa.


Amazing Story! 


The time the Leader of the Islamic State, Umar Ibn Khattab (RA) demands from the people of the city of Hims (in Syria) to list out the names of the needy so as to assist them with a share of the State funds; what Umar came across shocked and amazed him. In the midst of the name of the poor and impoverished people was the name of the Governor of Hims, that is, Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA).
Umar asked why the name of the Governor was included in the list of the needy. They replied: “He shares his salary to the poor and needy such that by the time the cycle completes, he is left with nothing”.
Then Umar asked further: Does he do things that you don’t want? They said: Yes.
1. He doesn’t come to attend to us until mid-morning
2. He doesn’t see us at night
3. In a week, he keeps away for a day without anyone seeing him.

Umar (RA) then asked him why? He (Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA)) said:
1. The reason why I don’t come out until mid-morning is that my wife has been sick and I don’t have any helper at home, so I usually stay back to complete the basic domestic works, thereafter I will then come out.
2. Why I don’t see anyone at night is because I have set aside the whole day for the people, to respond to their needs. And I have set aside the night to relate with my Lord
3. Why I set aside a day in a week not to see anyone is because that is the day I take off my clothe to wash and wait for it to dry up because I have no other clothe aside this.

Umar (RA) busted into tears.

LESSON: *Leadership should be a sacrifice not a business*




*1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public*

If you belong to a particular political party and there is an argument about another political party, then it is important that you do not join in. This is so that you don't dabble into the augment that may warrant a fight to ensue.

*2. Always Get Back home On Time*

The election period in various countries of the world, may be a time for violence to develop; therefore it is appropriate that you do not stay out late. As a matter of fact you have got to get home early.

*3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician*

Do not attempt to criticize any politician of the opposition party in your community in public. This is because if you do, you might be stepping one the toes of people who may want to be harmful.

*4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit*

If you belong to any political party, it may be better that you do not wear political party uniforms. This is so that you do not attract the attention of opposition party members who may be irritated by it. More often than not these party members may be all out to injure others.

*5. Don’t Keep Late Nights*

It is very needful that during election period, you wrap up all you have to do before late night. As a matter of fact most organizations in Nigeria for instance, to a very large extent preach that their workers must not prowl at late night.

*6. Always Listen to the News-:*

One of the ways to be security conscious during election time is to always stay abreast with issues. One of the ways to comfortably do this is by listening to the news always.

*7. Don’t Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls*

During election period, people have different Candidates they pledge allegiance to. Some of them go as far as picking up a fight with those who aren’t in the same camp with them. Therefore it would do you well not to disclose whom you plan to vote for.

*8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House*

One of the ways to stay secure during elections is by returning home after casting your vote. Staying back, for loitering with other supporters after casting your vote may be detrimental.

*9. Don’t Move About With Huge Cash*

If you have plans to move around with huge amount of cash during election, then you want to consider having a re-think, as this is no time to do such. Miscreants take advantage of the period to rob people off their valuables.

*10. When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated-:*

Do not drive without making sure that your car central lock is activated. You need to be safe inside your vehicle, rather than unsafe.

*11. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People-:*

 It is very needful that you do not associate yourself with undefined crowd or group of people who take delight in analyzing political issues and candidates in public.

*12. If You Must Hang out with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So*

Should you want to hang out with friends, then you must really be sure that you do this in a very secure area. It has to be in a non-violent area, or an area that is less prone to violence.

*13. Don’t Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)*

You would be doing yourself a world of good, if you do not move around with expensive gadgets. This is so that you do not run into scoundrels who may want to rob you off them.

*14. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period*

It is important that you minimize your Family Outings during election. This is because of the pockets of troubles which may ensue and which makes your family vulnerable to any attack.

*15. Stock up Your Home with Food*

The election period is a period that enforces the stay at home order. Therefore, it is vital to store up the house with all the food stuff and ingredients that is needed so as to avoid incessant outings to the markets and malls.

*16. Have Your Doctor’s Number Handy*

If you do not have a medical person’s details handy, then you may want to know that you need to do this. So that you can call whenever you need a medical assistance during election.

*17. Cast Your Vote Once*

One of the ways that you may be fermenting security trouble is when you decide to vote twice or more. There may be other party candidates that may want to get violent with you. So vote for your candidate just once.

*18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls-:*

 To be safe; it is forbidden to talk recklessly at the polling unit about any candidate or the election process. Doing this may attract some grave consequences.

*19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner*

If after the elections your candidate wins, then it is important that you celebrate in a civil manner. It is no time to begin to paint the town red in a lavish style. Remember, that some folks who are in support of the opposition may not be too happy.

*20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence*

Do not put yourself up to be used by politicians to perpetrate election violence. This is because some opposition people might as well be lurking in the dark to harm those who do this.      

*21.Do not argue on social media groups*



Daga dan uwa
 Sa'ad Albaniy
wasu suna kafa hujjada Maganar Ahmad bin hanbal ta 
الدعاء قصاص. 
Wajen yin mummunar addu'a ga shugabanni. 
 لفظ عام Sedai maganar Imam Ahmad 
ne. Lafazine me gamewa 
ومعاملة الحكام أمر خاص ، وهم ليسوا كغيرهم. 
Mu'amala da shugabanni kuma abune ke6antacce, su ba kamar kowa suke ba. Anai musu mu'amalace ta musamman. 
وقد قال العلماء أنه لا يجوز الإستدلال بالعمومات في جزئية لم يجر عليها العمل 
 Se muduba muga yaya salaf sukayi mu'amala da zalumcin shugabanni.
Da farko sahabbai sun tanbayi manxon Allah akan shugabanni azzalumai annabi Se yace 
عليكم ما حملتم وعليهم ما حملوا. أو كما قال. 
Abinda aka daura muku yana kanku, suma abinda aka daura musu yana kansu.
لم يأمرهم بالدعاء عليهم وسبهم أو الخروج عليهم بالسيف أم باللسان 

Imam hasanul basary yaji wani mutum yana addua akan hajjaj.. Se yace 

لا تفعل رحمك الله ،إنكم من أنفسكم أتيتم ،إنما نخاف إن عزل الحجاج أو مات: أن تليكم القردة والخنازير. 
Bukhary da muslim sun fitar da hadisi acikin sahihansu daga ibn mas'ud. Annabi yace 
إنها ستكون بعدي أثرة وأمور تنكرونها. 
Abinda ake nufi da أثرة 
Shine الإنفراد بالشيء عمن له فيه حق 
Kadaituwa daga inda gaskiya take 
Se sahabbai suka tambayi annabi me ze umarcesu dashi a wannan lokacin. 
Se yace 
تؤدون الحق الذي عليكم ،وتسألون الله الذي لكم. 
Ku bada haqqin dake kanku, Se ku roqi Allah hakkinku 
Imam nawawy acikin sharhinsa Na sahihu muslim.. yace 
فيه الحث علي السمع والطاعة وإن كان المتولي ظالما عسوفا ،فيعطى حقه من الطاعة ،ولا يخرج عليه ،ولا يخلع ،بل يتضرع إلي الله ،في كشف أذاه ودفع شره وإصلاحه. 
Acikinsa akwai kwadaitarwa akan ji da biyayya koda wanda yake riqe da mulkin azzalumine ,Mai tsananin zalumci, za'a bashi hakkinsa Na biyya, baza'ai masa fito Na fito ba, baza'a janye daga al'amarinsa ba ,sedai za'a qanqan da kai ne a gurin Allah domin ya yaye cutarwar sa kuma Ya tunkude sharrinsa kuma Ya shiryar dashi. 

انظر إلي كلام النووي لم يفهم قول رسول الله "وتسألون الله الذي لكم " علي أنه هو الدعاء عليهم. 
Ibn abi asim acikin littafinsa 
Yayi babi mai suna 
باب ما أمر به النبي من الصبر عندما يرى المرء من الأمور التي يفعلها الولاة. 

Ibn Abi shaibah Ya fitar acikin musannaf da khallal acikin السنة da ibn abi zamaneen acikin أصول السنة duk sun fitar da athar da isnadi mai kyau daga suwaid ibni gafalah.  
قال لي عمر رضي الله عنه 

يا أبا أمية إني لا أدري لعلي لا ألقاك بعد عامي هذا ، فإن أمر عليك عبد حبشي مجدع ،فاسمع له وأطع ،وإن ضربك فاصبر وإن حرمك فاصبر ،وإن أراد أمرا ينقص دينك ،فقل: سمع وطاعة ؛دمي دون ديني ،ولا تفارق الجماعة. 
Umar Allah ya qara masa yarda yacemin 
Ha kai baban umayyah, bansaniba wataqila bazan sake haduwa da kai ba bayan wannan shekarar. 
Idan aka shugabantar muku da bawa dan habasha mai yankakken ga6a (hanci ko hannu ko qafa da sauransu ) toh ka saurareshi kuma kai masa biyayya, idan Ya dake kayi haquri,in Ya haramta maka abu kayi haquri, in Ya nufi wani abu da ze kawo tawaya a addininka, Se kace naji kuma nayi biyayyah gwara jinina akan addinina, kuma kar ka fita daga jama'ah 
Har yanzu dai. Ibn abdulbar acikin attamheed Ya fitar daga abi ishaq assabai'ee cewa yace.. 
ما سب قوم أميرهم ،إلا حرموا خيره 
babu wasu mutane da zasu zagi shugabansu face Se an haramta musu alkhairinsa 
Ibnul jauzy yace 
من لعن إمامه حرم عدله 

wanda Ya tsinewa shugabansa za'a haramta masa adalcinsa 
Daga cikin abinda yazo daga magabata.. Shine addua ga shugabanni ba addua akansu ba. Kai hasalima malamai suna lissafi mai addua akan shugabanni daga cikin yan son zuciya. 

Imamul barbahary acikin شرح السنة yace  
وإذا رأيت الرجل يدعوا علي السلطان ،فاعلم أنه صاحب هوى، وإذا رأيت الرجل يدعو للسلطان بالصلاح ؛فاعلم أنه صاحب سنة -إن شاء الله -.
Kuma idan kaga mutum yana addua'a (mummuna ) akan shugaban, toh ka sani dan son zuciyane, kuma idan kaga mutum yana addua ga shugaba (Na alkhairi) toh ka sani shi ma'abocin sunnah ne -in sha Allah 

Yahya ibn mansoor Alharrany Alhanbaly wanda akafi sani da ibnul hubaishy .. Ya rubuta littafi sukutum akan wajibcin addua ga shugaba 
Sunan littafin 
دعائم الإسلام في وجوب الدعاء للإمام. 
 Shi wannan malamin ibn rajab Ya kawo tarihinsa cikin ذيل طبقات الحنابلة. Daga cikin manaqib nasa. Akwai fadin gaskiya, inkarin kuskure akan wanda ya aikata, baya mudahana, yana fadan gaskiyane baruwansa kuma Ya tsaya akanta. 

Khallal Ya fitar da magana Abi muslim alkhaulany.. Acikin littafinsa السنة 
Yana mai cewa dangane da shugaba 

إنه مؤمر عليك مثلك ،فإن اهتدى فاحمد الله ،وإن عمل بغير ذلك ؛فادع له بالهدي ولا تخالفه فتضل .

Khallal Ya sake kawo maganar Ahmad bin hanbal acikin littafin nasa inda Ahmad din yake magana kan shugaba 
وإني لأدعوا له بالتسديد والتوفيق في الليل والنهار ، والتأييد ،وأرى ذلك واجبا علي.
Kuma lallai inai mas addua Na dacewa da muwafaqa dare da rana ,kuma ina qarfafasa, kuma ina ganin hakan wajibine akaina 
Abu uthman Assabuny acikin littafinsa 
عقيدة السلف أصحاب الحديث 
ويرون الدعاء لهم بالإصلاح والتوفيق والصلاخ ،وبسط العدل في الرعية.

kuma suna ganin yin addua'a a garesu da shiriya da dacewa da shiriya, da yada adalci acikin wadanda ake shugabanta 
Imamul barbahary yace; 

فأمرنا أن ندعو لهم بالصلاح ،ولم نؤمر أن ندعو عليهم ،وإن ظلموا وجاروا ،لأن ظلمهم وجورهم علي أنفسهم وصلاحهم لأنفسهم وللمسلمين. 
Se aka umarce mu da muyi musu addu'a Na shiriya, kuma ba'a umarce mu muyi addua(mummuna) akansu ba koda sunyi zalumci 
Akansu yake, shiriyansu kuma domin kansu ne da sauran musulmai 

Abubakr al-isma'ily cikin اعتقاد أهل السنة 
Al-ajurry cikin الشريعة 

Duk sun bayyana cewa aqidar salaf itace addua ga shugaba Na addua akansa ba. 

Sannan adduar ibn jubair yayitane a gaban hajjaj, ba cikin mutane yazo yadinga yadawa ba.. tareda cewa a lokacin fitinar hajjaj akwai wadanda suka fita ga hajjaj a bisa iqrarin kafurcinsa ko ganin halaccin hakan. Kamar wadanda suka fita tareda ibnul Ash'ath .. wasu kuma sun fita amma suka dawo..wasu kuma sunyi nadama daga baya kamar shi ibn jubair din. 

والصحيح المقطوع به أصوليا: وجوب الإعتبار بالإجماع الحاصل بعد النزاع.

Dan uwana koh ince malamina zega nayita kawo maganal khuruji.. wala'alla yace ai banyi fito Na fito da makami ga shugababa 
Se ince khuruji ba kawai fitowa da makami bane.. malamai sunce khuruji kala biyune.. Akwai Na makami da kuma Na harshe.

Ga dalilina kamar haka 

Manzon Allah yace hannu da qafafu duk suna zina.. Se Ya bayyana siffan zinan su.. Se yace farji shike gaskata hakan 

Hakama Khuruj yana kasancewa da kalma da tunzura mutane, da qasqantar da shugaba, da ta hanyar rubuce rubuce da sauransu 

Ahankalce.. Kafin mutane su dauko makami domin yaqan shugaba.. Magana shike zuwa a farko 

Ibn hajar Ya siffanta wasu nau'i Na khawarij. 
القعدية؛الذين يزينون الخروج علي الأئمة ولا يباشرون. 
Alqa'diyyah: sune masu qawata fito Na fito ga shugaba batareda sun yi gaba da gaba ba.

Sheikh saleh Alluhaidan yace

الخروج لا يقتصر علي الخروج بقوة السلاح أو التمرد بالأساليب المعروفة فقط، بل إن الخروج الخروج بالكلمة أشد من الخروج بالسلاح ،لأن الخروج بالسلاح والعنف لا يربيه إلا الكلمة 
Khuruji bai tsaya a iya fitowa da qarfin makami ko kangarewa da usulubai sanannu kadai ba , kai khuruji da kalma ma yafi tsanani akan khuruji da makami ,domin khuruji da makami da tsanani ba abinda ke renonsu face kalma.
Sheikh ibn uthaimeen a ta'aliqinsa akan risalar shaukany رفع الأساطين في حكم الإتصال بالسلاطين  
Bayan Ya kawo maganar manzon Allah 
إنه يخرج من ضئضئي هذا الرجل من يحقر أحدكم صلاته مع صلاته. 
Se yace 
وهذا أكبر دليل علي أن الخروج علي الإمان يكون بالسيف ،ويكون بالكلام ،وهذا ما أخذ السيف علي الرسول صلي الله عليه وسلم ،فما يوجد في بعض كتب أهل السنة من أن الخروج علي الإمام هو الخرو بالسيف ،فمرادهم بذالك الخروج النهائي.
Dan haka cabin shugaba DA aibata shi nau'ine Na khuruji kamar yadda yaxo daga maganganun malamai. 

Addua a akansu da sharri Na shi akasan magabata akai ba. 

Idan zamu sallama akan adduar wanda aka zalumta.. Toh badai yayishi a bainal jama'ah ba 

Sedai yayi shi kadai, daga shi Se Allah.. Ko kuma agabn shi shugaban. 

Aqarshe zan rufe da hadisin Manzon Allah da yace 

خيار أئمتكم الذين تحبونهم ويحبونكم ،وتصلون عليهم ويصلون عليكم 
Mafi alkhairin shugabanninku sune wadanda kuke sonsu suma suke sonku, kuma kuke musu addua suma sunai muku addua 

Allah Ya fahimtar damu gaskiya


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