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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


What is the real value of the money you receive on Election Day, in order to cast your vote for a candidate?

    Note that the money you receive is all you will be paid in the 4 years the candidate will be in office. He has paid you in advance for 4 years service.  

         365 dys x 4 yrs = 1460 days. 

1. You receive #5,000 ? OK 
                #5,000➗1460 = N3 per day. 

= That is the value of the vote you sold, over 4 years. 

2. U receive #1000..?Ok, now 
                1000➗1460 = 68 kobo per day. 

3. You receive #500..?
                500 ➗1460 = 34 kobo per day

3. You receive #200 to vote..? 
        See 200➗1460 = 13 kobo per day..!!

The question is how much do you value yourself..? 

Is that what you are worth..? 
  They have bought your silence so that they and their children can live well. 
  Can you live on 13 kobo per day or even 68 kobo per day? Tom Tom sweet is 10 naira think twice before u decide.
        God bless Nigeria.

            vote wisely!!!

 Spread this message as far and wide as you can,and by all possible means. Save your future generations from imminent extinction.

24 Reasons Atiku Must Not Be President

24 Reasons Atiku Must Not Be President 


1. Atiku borrowed money from Ecobank and refused to pay back. When his name was published as a delinquent debtor, he said he never applied for the N150m loan. It was just “allocated to him”.

2. Atiku took a loan from Bank PHB in 1998 of N300m to run for Governorship of Adamawa, when he was controversially declared the winner and after becoming the Vice President the bank “cancelled” the loan.

3. Atiku should tell us what happened to the N7.5b failed Chochi Dam project, for which he brought the contractor & supervised the project. 

4. What happened to the Jada Federal Government communication project awarded by Obasanjo under his supervision which N4.5b went into a failed project?

*Abuse of Office*  

5. Atiku boasted that he was smart enough to set up Intels whilst he was a Customs Officer. Intels handles customs logistics and container services within the same Ports. Atiku used govt office as ‘work-chop’, a clear breach of his terms of employment.

6. Atiku’s period as Vice Presidency witnessed longest university closure due to ASUU strike. Rather than solve the problem, Atiku seized the business opportunity to secure a university license for himself and make money from a problem he should solve but refused to solve.

*Criminal Activity* 

7. According to Wikileaks, quoting a member of the Niger Delta Technical Committee on illegal bunkering, Atiku used Intels to perpetrate large scale oil bunkering and arms dealing. Little wonder Atiku says killings would continue if PMB remains in office.


8. ‘I made my money from letting my 1st house in Yola and building others with the rent’- Atiku, 2007 (published in Wikipeadia)

*More Lies* 

9. ‘I sourced my wealth by acquiring 4 pick-up vans on hire purchase and it grew into my transport business’- Atiku, Nov 2017 (published in Premium Times)

*Even More Lies* 

10. ‘I started by selling firewood’- Atiku, Nov 2018

11. Atiku is a fugitive from the law in the US. He claims he wasn’t given a visa but the US Embassy states categorically that Atiku has never applied for a visa ever since he was indicted by the US Congress on money laundering charges.

*Grand Corruption*

12. According to the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Atiku as VP Nigeria used offshore companies to siphon millions of USD to Jennifer Douglas his 4th wife in the US.

13. William Jefferson, a key accomplice of Atiku is in jail for arranging money for Atiku to influence award of contracts and licenses in Nigeria…little wonder Atiku was invited to apply for US visa but kept a safe distance from the Embassy.

14. Atiku like a bad coin was also involved in the Siemens $2.8b bribe scandal… name any bribe scandal, Atiku is there.

15. Atiku is the 1st sitting Nigerian VP that was hunted and indicted by the US for a corruption offence, even with diplomatic immunity.


16. According Wikileaks, quoting Makarfi former Gov of Kaduna and former PDP chairman, Atiku staged the Sharia riots that caused the burning of several buildings just to embarrass Obasanjo…no limit to desperation.

*Other Atrocities*

17. Remember the $17billion spending on electricity? Atiku owns the biggest generator importation business in Nigeria. How would he want PHCN to work?

18. Atiku as Chairman Presidential Council on Privatisation supervised the sale of government corporations to himself using cronies. He has also promised to sell NNPC and other remaining assets to his hangers on.

19. A leopard never changes its spots. In 2018, Atiku was at it again, spending an estimate of N9billion to secure PDP nomination spending $5,000 per delegate. As a businessman, he will first look for where to recover the money win or lose the election!

20. Bamanga Tukur was one of the richest people in the North East with two shipping vessels on the high seas, but just after 8 years as VP, Atiku not only became the richest in Adamawa and one of the richest in Nigeria, building 158 mansions in the country.

21. Atiku is a *religious bigot*. He built 42 mosques in Christian dominated areas of Adamawa State the citing and construction of some of these mosques created several crisis killing thousands of people and dethroning a First Class king.

22. As a retired Customs officer & VP, how did Atiku get millions of dollars without a bank loan to pay American University in Washington DC for a direct franchise license for a University with an estimated worth of $25 million.

*Let’s hear from his chief endorser*

23. “If with what I know, I support Atiku for anything God will not forgive me. If I do not know, yes. But once I know, Atiku can never enjoy my support” – Obj August 3, 2018

24. “What i did not know, which came out glaringly later, was his parental background which was somewhat shadowy, his propensity to corruption, his tendency to disloyalty, his inability to say and stick to the truth all the time, a propensity for poor judgement, his belief and reliance on marabouts, his lack of transparency, his trust in money to buy his way out on all issues and his readiness to sacrifice morality, integrity, propriety, truth and national interest for self and selfish interest” *Obj on Atiku page 32, Lines 5-12 My Watch*

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Why we should thank Mathew Kukah

Why we should thank Mathew Kukah


Professor Abdussamad Umar Jibia

Monday, 7 January 2019

Muslims of Northern Nigeria are a wonderful people. For long we have been singing Islam and using it whenever it is to our advantage. Our Islamic scholars use their positions to get close to people in power. It pays handsomely. They are made members of Islamic related committees, be they committees on Hajj, Shariah, Zakkah, hisbah, Da’wah, etc. Opportunities became even greater with the coming of this fourth republic when every Northern Governor began to launch and relaunch one kind of Shariah-related programme or another to help improve his popularity. Scholars who were hitherto fighting in the name of aqeedah differences came together as Shariah champions to work for the "progress of Islam".

Our emirs who are the officially-recognized leaders of the Muslim Ummah have been getting their allocation from the budgets of local Governments in their domain and serve as umbrella for retired civil and military officials who pay to get crowned with one traditional title or another. They go with every Government and their relations and cronies are favoured in Government contracts and appointments.

Our politicians use Islam as an opportunity to get to power. If you doubt this ask Yakubu Dogara, for example, to contest the Governorship of Bauchi state or any Christian to try contesting such an office in any of the predominantly Muslim Northern states. Buhari is only popular because he is a Muslim. Should he renounce Islam before February 16, we don’t pray for that, he will lose the presidential election. At a point in time, every politician who wanted to win an election in the North had to lie that he will enforce Shariah law if elected.

The rest of us are either working or doing one legitimate business or another. Yet, despite what Allah Has done to us and our use of His religion to get what we want, I don’t know of any formidable initiative to solve the problem of almajirci in the North. Even our leaders only condemn as the rest of us do.  

All of a sudden, the Christians came up with an idea. That since we don’t seem to care about these our underaged children roaming the streets with plastics begging for food, the Church will create a centre for them, in which they will feed, clothe and shelter them. In addition, they will teach them vocation alongside the Qur’an with whose teaching they will not interfere. To kick-start this project is no other than Reverend Mathew Hassan-Kukah. Mathew Kukah is a Northern Christian intellectual who has lived in the North and interacted with all manners of Northern Muslims from the most ordinary commoner to the Sultan who is his close friend. In fact, if you say Mathew Hassan-Kukah was posted to Sokoto diocese because of his relationship with the Sultan you would be right.

As a Northerner, an intelligent one for that matter, Mathew Kukah understands the sensibilities of Muslims and would thus do his best to hide any proselytization agenda at the initial stage.
Now, with the announcement of the Christian intent, everybody remembered that the almajirai are Muslims and that they will end up becoming Christians if such centres are established. Great, we now remember that we should not allow these innocent children to be converted to Christianity. What should we do? 

What one would expect of a responsible people faced with this type of challenge is to thank the Church for reminding them of their responsibility and come up with a more comprehensive programme than that of Mathew Kukah. Unfortunately, the kind of sentiments being expressed and the fact that more than a year after Kukah mooted this idea nothing has come up from our religious leaders and our “Shariah compliant” politicians portray us as a people not serious.

 “The almajiri system has outlived its usefulness and should be banned” says one commentator. “Jabir, Sudais, Husary and other world renown Quranic reciters did not attend tsangaya, so we should do away with it” says another. Others say after banning the system, Government should be advised to improve schools in the rural areas so that the would-be almajirai will now have sound education. Plus many such funny ideas. Perhaps the most responsible comment I read on the Kukah initiative is the one by Prof. Ishaq Akintola in which he requested Northern Muslims to empower Islamic NGOs to cater for the almajiri.

For those calling for the total banning of the almajiri system, let’s weigh the options.

Leaving the tsangaya system will maintain the almajirai on the streets. As it is now, very few of them will end up being scholars but many of them would end up being petty traders, business tycoons, bus conductors and drivers, motorpark touts, Hausa musicians, etc. Others will be in Kukah centres (He promised to train 10 million almajirai to acquire skills) and there will be many of them. Some of the products of the Mathew centres will be sponsored to study abroad and come back to integrate with their communities. They will be Christians and since they will have money with them they will attract villagers who are their blood to Christianity. With this, Sokoto state may have a Christian governor in future.

Banning the tsangaya system will return the almajirai to their parents in the villages. The most lucrative business in the rural areas now is banditry and kidnapping. They can kill anyone to get money. Those who think politicians will establish good schools to cater for these children are probably not aware of the conditions of the existing Government schools.

Like the Hausa man will put it, “gaba kura baya sayaki”. Neither option is sweet. The only thing left for us is to come up with another alternative. The best option as far as yours sincerely is concerned is for the Muslim Ummah to come up with a comprehensive programme to cater for the almajiri child. 

Meanwhile, many thanks to Rev. Hassan-Kukah for the wake-up.

Abdussamad Umar Jibia Forwarded as received

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug

Telephone Conversation between a Politician and a Repentant Thug. 


Politician: Is this Bruno?

Bruno: Yes. 

Who am I speaking with?

Politician: Your boss.

Can't you recognize my voice?

Bruno: Oh, sorry sir.
Good afternoon boss. 

Your voice has changed. 

And I don't have this number. 

Politician: Forget about the changed voice and the unknown number.

There's a job. 

Bruno: Job?

Politician: Get your boys ready. 

I will make every detail available tonight. 

No stories. 

I don't want a repeat of what happened the other time. 

Bruno: Remember sir, we lost J-boy in our last outing. 

Politician: Yes. 

And so?

Bruno: We may have a gap or leakage in our strategic positioning. 

Politician: Bruno, what do you want? 

Go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush. 

I don't have all the time my friend. 

Bruno: We need to fill J-boy's gap.  

Politician: My friend you're talking too much. 

What do you want???????

Bruno: I want us to replace J-boy with your son. 

Henceforth, let him be part of every assignment you give to us sir. 

Politician: My son?! My only son! You must be crazy. You are out of your... (Bruno cuts in)

Bruno: Sir, am not crazy ooo. 

You are the crazy one here.

We are people's children too. 

The same way you feel for your children, that's the same way our parents feel about us. 

Let me tell you Mr Man, you can't be using us as thugs while your children are schooling in UK, USA, Japan, etc and enjoying the luxuries of life. 

You have used us to destabilize the polity through violence and assassination of innocent people. 

If you ever want us to do any 'job' for you, let all your male children be part of us. 

You think we don't know that your children work in NNPC, FIRS, CBN, NCC, DPR, etc. 

We are degree holders. 

If you want to give us any 'job' again, it should be in any of the above mentioned places. 

Foolish man.

It is a script! 

But the message has been passed.  

Nigerian Youths Say No To Thuggery. 

Don't Allow Yourself to be used as Thugs. 

Anyone who wants you as a thug, request that his children be part of it.

Vote and not fight.

Say no to violence.

Saturday, 5 January 2019



Kuji daga bakin Malam:

"Ba mu da wani mutumin da muke sa masa rai wajen dawo da tsari da farfado da tattalin arzikin kasa da gyara harkar ilimi, noma tabbatatar da tsaro a mukamin shugaban kasa da ya wuce janaral Buhari.

Don haka ya zama dole a gare mu, ya zama wajibi akan mu, ya zanto tilas a kowanne daya daga cikin mu, mace ko namiji ya tabbata amana ce tsakanin sa da ubangiji ya jefa ma wannan bawan Allah kuri'a dan ya samu damar hawa mataki na shugaban kasa ya zama wajibi akan kowane daya daga cikin mu ya dage da addu'a ya kashe wani bangare na kudin aljihun sa daga yanzu har ya zuwa lokacin da za'a kada kuri'a wajen tallafa ma tafiyar, kokarin, yunkurin tabbatar da cin nasarar janaral Muhammadu Buhari.

Ubangiji muna rokon ka da sunayen ka, muna rokon ka da siffofin ka, Ya Ubangiji ka damka masa amanar shugabancin kasar mu, ya ubangiji ka bashi nasara. 

Ya ubangiji duk wadanda suka tsaya wajen suga sun kadar dashi ya ubangiji ka tade kafafun su, ya ubangiji ka gadar masu da tabewa da hasara, wannan shine abunda ke wajibi akan mu , mu sani cewa kasar mu tana fama da matsaloli: Matsaloli ta fuskar tsaro, matsaloli ta fuskar koma bayan ilimi, matsaloli ta fuskar tattalin arziki, matsaloli ta fuskar wargajewar al'amura, rashi zaman lafiya.

Kashe kashen da akayi cikin shekaru uku ko hudu kadai na wannan gwamnati irin wadanda ba'a taba yin su ba tun daga lokacin da akayi yakin BASASA a Nijeriya, kudaden da Najeriya ta samu a wannan lokaci na cikin shekaru hudu kudadden ba'a taba samun irin su bane tun daga lokacin da aka kirkiro nigeriya.

Amma kuma shine lokacin da mutane suka fi zama cikin halin kunci da shiga halin kakani kayi, don haka ya zama wajibi a gare mu muyi kokarin kawo canji, ubangiji ta'ala ya jarrabe mu da shugabanin da basa jin tausayin mu, ya jarrabe mu da shugabanni masu fasadi wadanda basa tunani cikin duk abunda yake gyara ne, wadanda zuciyar su babu wani gurbi na tunanin talaka mai karamin karfi a cikin zukatan su, in ba yan kadan ba can da can.

Don haka sai ya zama dole akan dukkan wani mai hankali, masanin ya kamata, mai tunani nagari ya ga yaya zaiyi yayi yunkuri da an kawo canji a cikin wannan lokaci".

Allahu akbar! Gwani na ba'a bin ka bashin hujja.

Allah Ya jikan Malam, Ya kai haske kabarin Sa.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Amazing Story! 


The time the Leader of the Islamic State, Umar Ibn Khattab (RA) demands from the people of the city of Hims (in Syria) to list out the names of the needy so as to assist them with a share of the State funds; what Umar came across shocked and amazed him. In the midst of the name of the poor and impoverished people was the name of the Governor of Hims, that is, Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA).
Umar asked why the name of the Governor was included in the list of the needy. They replied: “He shares his salary to the poor and needy such that by the time the cycle completes, he is left with nothing”.
Then Umar asked further: Does he do things that you don’t want? They said: Yes.
1. He doesn’t come to attend to us until mid-morning
2. He doesn’t see us at night
3. In a week, he keeps away for a day without anyone seeing him.

Umar (RA) then asked him why? He (Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA)) said:
1. The reason why I don’t come out until mid-morning is that my wife has been sick and I don’t have any helper at home, so I usually stay back to complete the basic domestic works, thereafter I will then come out.
2. Why I don’t see anyone at night is because I have set aside the whole day for the people, to respond to their needs. And I have set aside the night to relate with my Lord
3. Why I set aside a day in a week not to see anyone is because that is the day I take off my clothe to wash and wait for it to dry up because I have no other clothe aside this.

Umar (RA) busted into tears.

LESSON: *Leadership should be a sacrifice not a business*

Sunday, 16 December 2018




*1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public*

If you belong to a particular political party and there is an argument about another political party, then it is important that you do not join in. This is so that you don't dabble into the augment that may warrant a fight to ensue.

*2. Always Get Back home On Time*

The election period in various countries of the world, may be a time for violence to develop; therefore it is appropriate that you do not stay out late. As a matter of fact you have got to get home early.

*3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician*

Do not attempt to criticize any politician of the opposition party in your community in public. This is because if you do, you might be stepping one the toes of people who may want to be harmful.

*4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit*

If you belong to any political party, it may be better that you do not wear political party uniforms. This is so that you do not attract the attention of opposition party members who may be irritated by it. More often than not these party members may be all out to injure others.

*5. Don’t Keep Late Nights*

It is very needful that during election period, you wrap up all you have to do before late night. As a matter of fact most organizations in Nigeria for instance, to a very large extent preach that their workers must not prowl at late night.

*6. Always Listen to the News-:*

One of the ways to be security conscious during election time is to always stay abreast with issues. One of the ways to comfortably do this is by listening to the news always.

*7. Don’t Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls*

During election period, people have different Candidates they pledge allegiance to. Some of them go as far as picking up a fight with those who aren’t in the same camp with them. Therefore it would do you well not to disclose whom you plan to vote for.

*8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House*

One of the ways to stay secure during elections is by returning home after casting your vote. Staying back, for loitering with other supporters after casting your vote may be detrimental.

*9. Don’t Move About With Huge Cash*

If you have plans to move around with huge amount of cash during election, then you want to consider having a re-think, as this is no time to do such. Miscreants take advantage of the period to rob people off their valuables.

*10. When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated-:*

Do not drive without making sure that your car central lock is activated. You need to be safe inside your vehicle, rather than unsafe.

*11. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People-:*

 It is very needful that you do not associate yourself with undefined crowd or group of people who take delight in analyzing political issues and candidates in public.

*12. If You Must Hang out with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So*

Should you want to hang out with friends, then you must really be sure that you do this in a very secure area. It has to be in a non-violent area, or an area that is less prone to violence.

*13. Don’t Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)*

You would be doing yourself a world of good, if you do not move around with expensive gadgets. This is so that you do not run into scoundrels who may want to rob you off them.

*14. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period*

It is important that you minimize your Family Outings during election. This is because of the pockets of troubles which may ensue and which makes your family vulnerable to any attack.

*15. Stock up Your Home with Food*

The election period is a period that enforces the stay at home order. Therefore, it is vital to store up the house with all the food stuff and ingredients that is needed so as to avoid incessant outings to the markets and malls.

*16. Have Your Doctor’s Number Handy*

If you do not have a medical person’s details handy, then you may want to know that you need to do this. So that you can call whenever you need a medical assistance during election.

*17. Cast Your Vote Once*

One of the ways that you may be fermenting security trouble is when you decide to vote twice or more. There may be other party candidates that may want to get violent with you. So vote for your candidate just once.

*18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls-:*

 To be safe; it is forbidden to talk recklessly at the polling unit about any candidate or the election process. Doing this may attract some grave consequences.

*19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner*

If after the elections your candidate wins, then it is important that you celebrate in a civil manner. It is no time to begin to paint the town red in a lavish style. Remember, that some folks who are in support of the opposition may not be too happy.

*20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence*

Do not put yourself up to be used by politicians to perpetrate election violence. This is because some opposition people might as well be lurking in the dark to harm those who do this.      

*21.Do not argue on social media groups*

Sunday, 25 November 2018



Daga dan uwa
 Sa'ad Albaniy
wasu suna kafa hujjada Maganar Ahmad bin hanbal ta 
الدعاء قصاص. 
Wajen yin mummunar addu'a ga shugabanni. 
 لفظ عام Sedai maganar Imam Ahmad 
ne. Lafazine me gamewa 
ومعاملة الحكام أمر خاص ، وهم ليسوا كغيرهم. 
Mu'amala da shugabanni kuma abune ke6antacce, su ba kamar kowa suke ba. Anai musu mu'amalace ta musamman. 
وقد قال العلماء أنه لا يجوز الإستدلال بالعمومات في جزئية لم يجر عليها العمل 
 Se muduba muga yaya salaf sukayi mu'amala da zalumcin shugabanni.
Da farko sahabbai sun tanbayi manxon Allah akan shugabanni azzalumai annabi Se yace 
عليكم ما حملتم وعليهم ما حملوا. أو كما قال. 
Abinda aka daura muku yana kanku, suma abinda aka daura musu yana kansu.
لم يأمرهم بالدعاء عليهم وسبهم أو الخروج عليهم بالسيف أم باللسان 

Imam hasanul basary yaji wani mutum yana addua akan hajjaj.. Se yace 

لا تفعل رحمك الله ،إنكم من أنفسكم أتيتم ،إنما نخاف إن عزل الحجاج أو مات: أن تليكم القردة والخنازير. 
Bukhary da muslim sun fitar da hadisi acikin sahihansu daga ibn mas'ud. Annabi yace 
إنها ستكون بعدي أثرة وأمور تنكرونها. 
Abinda ake nufi da أثرة 
Shine الإنفراد بالشيء عمن له فيه حق 
Kadaituwa daga inda gaskiya take 
Se sahabbai suka tambayi annabi me ze umarcesu dashi a wannan lokacin. 
Se yace 
تؤدون الحق الذي عليكم ،وتسألون الله الذي لكم. 
Ku bada haqqin dake kanku, Se ku roqi Allah hakkinku 
Imam nawawy acikin sharhinsa Na sahihu muslim.. yace 
فيه الحث علي السمع والطاعة وإن كان المتولي ظالما عسوفا ،فيعطى حقه من الطاعة ،ولا يخرج عليه ،ولا يخلع ،بل يتضرع إلي الله ،في كشف أذاه ودفع شره وإصلاحه. 
Acikinsa akwai kwadaitarwa akan ji da biyayya koda wanda yake riqe da mulkin azzalumine ,Mai tsananin zalumci, za'a bashi hakkinsa Na biyya, baza'ai masa fito Na fito ba, baza'a janye daga al'amarinsa ba ,sedai za'a qanqan da kai ne a gurin Allah domin ya yaye cutarwar sa kuma Ya tunkude sharrinsa kuma Ya shiryar dashi. 

انظر إلي كلام النووي لم يفهم قول رسول الله "وتسألون الله الذي لكم " علي أنه هو الدعاء عليهم. 
Ibn abi asim acikin littafinsa 
Yayi babi mai suna 
باب ما أمر به النبي من الصبر عندما يرى المرء من الأمور التي يفعلها الولاة. 

Ibn Abi shaibah Ya fitar acikin musannaf da khallal acikin السنة da ibn abi zamaneen acikin أصول السنة duk sun fitar da athar da isnadi mai kyau daga suwaid ibni gafalah.  
قال لي عمر رضي الله عنه 

يا أبا أمية إني لا أدري لعلي لا ألقاك بعد عامي هذا ، فإن أمر عليك عبد حبشي مجدع ،فاسمع له وأطع ،وإن ضربك فاصبر وإن حرمك فاصبر ،وإن أراد أمرا ينقص دينك ،فقل: سمع وطاعة ؛دمي دون ديني ،ولا تفارق الجماعة. 
Umar Allah ya qara masa yarda yacemin 
Ha kai baban umayyah, bansaniba wataqila bazan sake haduwa da kai ba bayan wannan shekarar. 
Idan aka shugabantar muku da bawa dan habasha mai yankakken ga6a (hanci ko hannu ko qafa da sauransu ) toh ka saurareshi kuma kai masa biyayya, idan Ya dake kayi haquri,in Ya haramta maka abu kayi haquri, in Ya nufi wani abu da ze kawo tawaya a addininka, Se kace naji kuma nayi biyayyah gwara jinina akan addinina, kuma kar ka fita daga jama'ah 
Har yanzu dai. Ibn abdulbar acikin attamheed Ya fitar daga abi ishaq assabai'ee cewa yace.. 
ما سب قوم أميرهم ،إلا حرموا خيره 
babu wasu mutane da zasu zagi shugabansu face Se an haramta musu alkhairinsa 
Ibnul jauzy yace 
من لعن إمامه حرم عدله 

wanda Ya tsinewa shugabansa za'a haramta masa adalcinsa 
Daga cikin abinda yazo daga magabata.. Shine addua ga shugabanni ba addua akansu ba. Kai hasalima malamai suna lissafi mai addua akan shugabanni daga cikin yan son zuciya. 

Imamul barbahary acikin شرح السنة yace  
وإذا رأيت الرجل يدعوا علي السلطان ،فاعلم أنه صاحب هوى، وإذا رأيت الرجل يدعو للسلطان بالصلاح ؛فاعلم أنه صاحب سنة -إن شاء الله -.
Kuma idan kaga mutum yana addua'a (mummuna ) akan shugaban, toh ka sani dan son zuciyane, kuma idan kaga mutum yana addua ga shugaba (Na alkhairi) toh ka sani shi ma'abocin sunnah ne -in sha Allah 

Yahya ibn mansoor Alharrany Alhanbaly wanda akafi sani da ibnul hubaishy .. Ya rubuta littafi sukutum akan wajibcin addua ga shugaba 
Sunan littafin 
دعائم الإسلام في وجوب الدعاء للإمام. 
 Shi wannan malamin ibn rajab Ya kawo tarihinsa cikin ذيل طبقات الحنابلة. Daga cikin manaqib nasa. Akwai fadin gaskiya, inkarin kuskure akan wanda ya aikata, baya mudahana, yana fadan gaskiyane baruwansa kuma Ya tsaya akanta. 

Khallal Ya fitar da magana Abi muslim alkhaulany.. Acikin littafinsa السنة 
Yana mai cewa dangane da shugaba 

إنه مؤمر عليك مثلك ،فإن اهتدى فاحمد الله ،وإن عمل بغير ذلك ؛فادع له بالهدي ولا تخالفه فتضل .

Khallal Ya sake kawo maganar Ahmad bin hanbal acikin littafin nasa inda Ahmad din yake magana kan shugaba 
وإني لأدعوا له بالتسديد والتوفيق في الليل والنهار ، والتأييد ،وأرى ذلك واجبا علي.
Kuma lallai inai mas addua Na dacewa da muwafaqa dare da rana ,kuma ina qarfafasa, kuma ina ganin hakan wajibine akaina 
Abu uthman Assabuny acikin littafinsa 
عقيدة السلف أصحاب الحديث 
ويرون الدعاء لهم بالإصلاح والتوفيق والصلاخ ،وبسط العدل في الرعية.

kuma suna ganin yin addua'a a garesu da shiriya da dacewa da shiriya, da yada adalci acikin wadanda ake shugabanta 
Imamul barbahary yace; 

فأمرنا أن ندعو لهم بالصلاح ،ولم نؤمر أن ندعو عليهم ،وإن ظلموا وجاروا ،لأن ظلمهم وجورهم علي أنفسهم وصلاحهم لأنفسهم وللمسلمين. 
Se aka umarce mu da muyi musu addu'a Na shiriya, kuma ba'a umarce mu muyi addua(mummuna) akansu ba koda sunyi zalumci 
Akansu yake, shiriyansu kuma domin kansu ne da sauran musulmai 

Abubakr al-isma'ily cikin اعتقاد أهل السنة 
Al-ajurry cikin الشريعة 

Duk sun bayyana cewa aqidar salaf itace addua ga shugaba Na addua akansa ba. 

Sannan adduar ibn jubair yayitane a gaban hajjaj, ba cikin mutane yazo yadinga yadawa ba.. tareda cewa a lokacin fitinar hajjaj akwai wadanda suka fita ga hajjaj a bisa iqrarin kafurcinsa ko ganin halaccin hakan. Kamar wadanda suka fita tareda ibnul Ash'ath .. wasu kuma sun fita amma suka dawo..wasu kuma sunyi nadama daga baya kamar shi ibn jubair din. 

والصحيح المقطوع به أصوليا: وجوب الإعتبار بالإجماع الحاصل بعد النزاع.

Dan uwana koh ince malamina zega nayita kawo maganal khuruji.. wala'alla yace ai banyi fito Na fito da makami ga shugababa 
Se ince khuruji ba kawai fitowa da makami bane.. malamai sunce khuruji kala biyune.. Akwai Na makami da kuma Na harshe.

Ga dalilina kamar haka 

Manzon Allah yace hannu da qafafu duk suna zina.. Se Ya bayyana siffan zinan su.. Se yace farji shike gaskata hakan 

Hakama Khuruj yana kasancewa da kalma da tunzura mutane, da qasqantar da shugaba, da ta hanyar rubuce rubuce da sauransu 

Ahankalce.. Kafin mutane su dauko makami domin yaqan shugaba.. Magana shike zuwa a farko 

Ibn hajar Ya siffanta wasu nau'i Na khawarij. 
القعدية؛الذين يزينون الخروج علي الأئمة ولا يباشرون. 
Alqa'diyyah: sune masu qawata fito Na fito ga shugaba batareda sun yi gaba da gaba ba.

Sheikh saleh Alluhaidan yace

الخروج لا يقتصر علي الخروج بقوة السلاح أو التمرد بالأساليب المعروفة فقط، بل إن الخروج الخروج بالكلمة أشد من الخروج بالسلاح ،لأن الخروج بالسلاح والعنف لا يربيه إلا الكلمة 
Khuruji bai tsaya a iya fitowa da qarfin makami ko kangarewa da usulubai sanannu kadai ba , kai khuruji da kalma ma yafi tsanani akan khuruji da makami ,domin khuruji da makami da tsanani ba abinda ke renonsu face kalma.
Sheikh ibn uthaimeen a ta'aliqinsa akan risalar shaukany رفع الأساطين في حكم الإتصال بالسلاطين  
Bayan Ya kawo maganar manzon Allah 
إنه يخرج من ضئضئي هذا الرجل من يحقر أحدكم صلاته مع صلاته. 
Se yace 
وهذا أكبر دليل علي أن الخروج علي الإمان يكون بالسيف ،ويكون بالكلام ،وهذا ما أخذ السيف علي الرسول صلي الله عليه وسلم ،فما يوجد في بعض كتب أهل السنة من أن الخروج علي الإمام هو الخرو بالسيف ،فمرادهم بذالك الخروج النهائي.
Dan haka cabin shugaba DA aibata shi nau'ine Na khuruji kamar yadda yaxo daga maganganun malamai. 

Addua a akansu da sharri Na shi akasan magabata akai ba. 

Idan zamu sallama akan adduar wanda aka zalumta.. Toh badai yayishi a bainal jama'ah ba 

Sedai yayi shi kadai, daga shi Se Allah.. Ko kuma agabn shi shugaban. 

Aqarshe zan rufe da hadisin Manzon Allah da yace 

خيار أئمتكم الذين تحبونهم ويحبونكم ،وتصلون عليهم ويصلون عليكم 
Mafi alkhairin shugabanninku sune wadanda kuke sonsu suma suke sonku, kuma kuke musu addua suma sunai muku addua 

Allah Ya fahimtar damu gaskiya

Friday, 23 November 2018

Why Atiku Will Not Do Better Than Buhari - Balarabe Musa

Why Atiku Will Not Do Better Than Buhari - Balarabe Musa 

“Nigerians risk having a fascist government under Atiku because of his open alignment with former heads of state and retired generals, who have some questions to answer.

“That is why I am highly disappointed at the illusion by some Nigerians that Atiku is better than Buhari. There is absolutely no comparison between Buhari and Atiku."

Former heads of state, retired generals and PDP are afraid of Buhari’s second term bid. These people and the PDP are mortally afraid that if Buhari returned, he would probe the criminal annulment of June 12 and wage a more ruthless war against corruption.

“They are clearly ganging up against Buhari not because they don’t know that Atiku is no match to him but because they are aware that Atiku will not revisit their past misdeeds."

“Atiku should ask himself whether Obasanjo can easily forgive him and mobilise his part of the country for his victory in 2019.’’

Why are these retired generals after frosting a constitution on us also believe it is their rights to choose who leads us. I guess they met their match in Buhari.

As for your so called *men of God* dabbling into politics, we know that *"Tithes are tight"*, patronage low and the private jets and luxurious lifestyles needs maintenance ditto the the traditional rulers. Isn't it time the masses see through the charade?

"I believe Buhari is their nemesis after which a New Nigeria will emerge." - 

Balarabe Musa

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Why you should not waste time discussing national issues with some certain Nigerians

Why you should not waste time discussing national issues with some certain Nigerians

1. They are the ones that said Buhari died in Aso rock, and later in UK. Then they said the Buhari that returned to Nigeria is a clone (duplicate) and recently they said it is Buhari body double. Do you still take cognizance of what comes out of these peoples mouth?

2. They were the ones who said 8 years was not enough for OBJ, and 6 not enough for GEJ, etc. Now, they don't want 8 years of Buhari because of personal hatred

3. When you remind them of how corruption in last government has ruined the nation....they ask you to stop talking about the past

4. When you say Buhari is a man of integrity and he his fighting corruption, they say his son has a power bike

5. When Evans the kidnapper say something against Buhari, he becomes an hero. When you say their heroes and spokespersons lack integrity (IBB, OBJ, Fayose, FFK, Saraki, GEJ, etc), they will say "...look at the message not the messenger..."

6. They are not interested in any development in Nigeria, if it means ascribing any success to PMB. 

7. Every good news of the nation brings them sadness, and they remain quiet until another bad news crops up

8. If you tell them Buhari is building over 300 roads all over Nigeria, they say it is because of 2019

9. Tell them Buhari is developing the rail system all over Nigeria, they say it is not his initiative, that Obasanjo and GEJ had plans to do it

10. Inform them about the agricultural revolution, how Nigeria now produces its local food and has become a foremost world exporter of food, they say it is Obasanjo that started Operation Feed the Nation in the 1970s 

11. When you say Buhari is working to completing abandoned projects, over 8000 nationwide (Mambila hydro power, Ajaokuta Steel Plant etc), they say it is because he has no program of his own

12. Refute their allegations that Buhari is tribalistic with how his ministerial cabinets now (and as military head of state) had more Christians than Muslims, and how powerful ministries were being run by southerners, they hold their breath and in the next statement still repeat the same allegation

13. They say Buhari is vindictive, but no state or region has been denied their share of development projects irrespective of whether they support PMB government or not (compared with Obasanjo that withheld Lagos State allocation for many years and Jonathan that cut Osun State allocation for 4 years to punish Aregbesola for making sure Jonathan lost the 2011 election in Osun State even though he won in other Yoruba states). He has taken N13b water project to Otuoke in GEJs village Bayelsa, N22b road to Atiku's village in Adamawa, reconstruction of Lagos Abeokuta expressway to OBJ's Ogun State, the 2nd Niger Bridge, etc to the east, the massive investment and redevelopment of the Niger-Delta, etc are part of the proof of PMBs fairness to all

14. When the clampdown on corruption started, they said only southerners are being harassed, when Dasuki etc were arrested they say it is only PDP; when Saraki was taken to court they say it is because he is in opposition; when former governors and APC members were jailed (Dariye and Nyame ), they say it was PDP that started the probe. So, you see that discussing with them is a waste of time

15. When EFCC is investigating the massive investments and dollars accounts of Mrs Patience Jonathan, Alison Maduekwe, etc, they say it is political harassment and you should bring proof of corruption. But when they bring scandalously stupid allegations like Buhari has bought the national stadium, etc and you ask for proof, they say you are a fanatic

16. Tell them how the threats of IPOB, Niger Delta militants, etc were curtailed, they say it is a clampdown on Igbos and southerners; remind them of how the menace of El Zakzaki and his Shiites group of the north have been curbed, they say it is coercion

17. Remind them how the dreaded Boko Haram has been chased away from the northeast states that they used to control in the north and how normalcy is returning to those parts of the country, they will still refer to the occasional suicide bombings as proof that nothing is achieved

18. Tell them how it has been impossible for even USA etc to totally stop suicide bombings, they retort "...Are you now comparing Nigeria with USA" (Of course not, USA does not have a particular group of people that does not want to see anything good in northern Nigerians as citizens)

19. Tell them how herdsmen killings preceded PMB, and how many non-Fulani herdsmen have been arrested by the army for killings, including a personal aide to Governor Ortom, and how since such arrests, the killings have subsided, they still in the next statement refer to Buhari as promoting herdsmen killers

20. Tell them about the resuscitation of the Mambila Power Project, the Ajaokuta Steel Project, etc, they say it is a lie

21. Show them videos and pictures of ongoing development nationwide, they say its photo and video shop

22. Tell them how Buhari stopped the billion-dollar fertiliser scam and how in its place 11 local fertiliser companies were revived resulting in Nigeria producing for its local needs, they say " does that translate to food for the common man?..."

23. When Buhari agreed to pay N88billion compensation to Biafrans victims, granted autonomy to state judiciary, supports local government autonomy, recognised MKO and June 12, they say it is politics. (And like the daughter of our hero of democracy said, "...if Buhari does not play politics, should he play chemistry?..."

24. To them, the National Assembly members used to be all APC rogues, but now without doing any good thing but because they now oppose PMB, they have become their heroes, from the clown Dino, to the Michael Jackson of Osun, the stupendously corrupt and wealthy Saraki, Mark, Dogara, etc

25. Buhari has refused like previous governments to bribe legislators to do their duties, and since their dirty strategies is no longer working, they have become a stumbling block to progress. The wailers will say if it was OBJ, he would have dealt with them but if Buhari had used any other means, they will say he is undemocratic  

26. When you show some of them the unparalleled efforts of this government in development compared to all the past governments, then you will hear "...Well, he has tried but I still don't like him, he is too old, he is slow, he is unintelligent, he is not outspoken etc..."

*These are the reasons why nothing tangible will be achieved if you engage them in any developmental discussion*, because of their innate hatred of anybody from northern Nigeria.

Avoid discussion of national issues with them. Instead, discuss things like Big Brother Nigeria, Russia World Cup, Dangote's daughter's wedding, and Papa Ajasco.
*#BuhariMustWin (BMW) DW👍*

Monday, 19 November 2018



1. *1960-1966:* 
       Sir Abubakar Tafawa 
       Balewa- no public  
       funds stolen.

2. *1966*
       Major Gen. Aguyi
       Ironsi- no public 
       funds stolen.

3. *1966-1975:*
      Gen. Yakubu Gowon-
      little stealing of
      public funds began

4. *1975-1976:*
      Gen. Murtala    
      Muhammad- zero
      tolerance for
      corruption and

5. *1976-1979:*
      Gen. Olusegun  
      Obasanjo- Military
      egg heads started
      owning huge
      properties, oil Blocs
      running into Millions
      of dollars.

6. *1979-1983:*
      Alhaji Shehu Shagari-
      looting galore by
      Ministers, party
      functionaries and
      other government big

7. *1984-1985:*
      Major Gen.
      Muhammadu Buhari-
      zero tolerance for
      corruption and
      Some corrupt
      politicians bagged
      200 years jail terms.

8. *1985-1993:*
      Gen Ibrahim
      Babangida- freed all
      jailed politicians;
      liberalized the
      In one fell swoop
      about $12 Billion
      He is called the father
      of corruption.

9. *1993-1998:*
      Gen. Sani Abacha-
      over $25 Billion
       looted in four
       turbulent years.

10. *1998- 1999:*
        Gen. Abdulsalam
        Abubakar- about $2
        Billion looted in 11

11. *1999- 2007:*
        Chief Olusegun
        Obasanjo- His Bank
        account is said to
        have grown from
        N20,000 after
        leaving prison to
       Multi-Billion dollars
       with choice
       properties across
       major cities. $16
       Billion allegedly
       meant for electric
       power projects
       vanished. Another
       N300 Billion [$2b] for
       roads disappeared.

12. *2007-2010:*
        Alhaji Umar
        Yar'Adua- reserved
        and sick. Looted
        funds have not been
        traced to his regime.

13. *2011-2015:*
        Dr. Goodluck Ebelle
       Jonathan- in 2011
       elections about N2.6
       Trillion disappeared.

       Over $31Billion
       stolen in 2yrs.

       Another $2.6 Billion
       was stolen in 2015

      More revelations on
      stolen public funds
      during his tenure are
      still emerging.

      His regime in terms
      of corruption cannot
      be described in

14. *2015 - date.* PMB.  
         Integrity, Zero
         tolerance for
         corruption, recovery
         of looted funds....

         This is why the
         enemies of the
         nation hate him.    
         Who is he to take
         away their rightful

         May we never have
         Goats in charge of
         our yams again.

         It is well with

         Please give it wide
         publicity till it gets
         to them directly or

© Citizens Against Yam 
       Eaters Publication.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018



Keep your Degree in a safe custody for future opportunity, and engage in entrepreneur skills, otherwise you will die poor.

Most of the educated people in Nigeria are poor. Majority of the educated earn less than N55,000 for a salary before tax and other deductions. When the deductions are put into consideration, the net salary comes to around N50,000. The net salary then suffers from loan deductions of up to N15,000 leaving the salary at around N35,000. The landlord then demands for his N15,000 and monthly shopping takes away N10,000 leaving one with a N10,000. The bus will demand for N300 going to and from work and relatives get another N2,500. The whole salary is gone and borrowed money starts operating. The borrowed money includes short loans and salary advances.

The difference between poverty and prosperity is property. A prosperous person has property to his name while a poverty stricken person has no property to show. Using this understanding, therefore, most of the degree holders are poverty stricken, borrowing money to buy chicken and chips, pizza, and a car.

The biggest excuse for getting paid such low amounts of money and having to sit and work for another person for 30 days is THE DEGREE that one possesses and that’s all. This has made most of the degree holders very poor to poverty stricken and will die that way most likely. A degree holder does not know how to generate money unless that money is generated for the employer. A degree holder is so dependent on the salary that he can do anything to get a job but will not think of starting a business of his own to employ others.

Interesting Facts!

1. A degree holder is not prepared to sell chips but is very happy to work for hungry lion (companies). 

2. A degree holder is not prepared to sell popcorn in the street but is very happy to work for Dangote outlet in the city and mum river-sides.

3. A degree holder is not prepared to sell second hand clothes but is very happy to be employed by Zenith Bank which the business of selling stocks and looking for customers in a scorching Sun.

4. A degree holder is not prepared to make N150,000 monthly doing his own business but is very happy to work at the till in a bank getting paid N25,000.

5. A degree holder is not prepared to start a company and grow it in two to three years but will spend three years searching for a job.

6. A degree holder is not prepared to sell food to students but will be happy to be reporting to a boss with no qualifications as Office Assistant as long as he is paid N30,000 for a salary.

7. A degree holder is so eager to get out of this country and work in another country than spend time to develop his own country.

8. A degree holder staying in a foreign land (Nigerian) is very keen to condemn Nigeria but never contributing to the development of this country.

9. A Nigerian degree holder would rather sweep the streets of London or USA than start a business to make money in her father land – others work in people’s homes doing some work (cleaners).

10. A degree holder in Nigeria will watch porn on his laptop but never sit to write a book using the same laptop to sell and make money.

11. A degree holder will blame the government for lack of jobs even after he was on government bursary for him to have his degree.

12. Nigeria is blessed with young people who have master’s degree and others are doctors in different technical fields such as IT and Engineering but all of them have failed to create a cartoon character or develop a movie from the same instead very happy to buy Tom and Jerry for their children thereby promoting American and UK.

A school I visit, there is a man that is of very humble background. He does not speak English but sells Coke, Fanta and Sprite at N80 each making a profit of N10 on each drink. He also sells chips at N50 making a profit of N17 on each portion. Not less than 80 students buy chips and a drink every single day. This means he makes a profit of N27 for a drink and chips and a total profit of N2,160 per day…every single day. In ten days he makes a profit of N21,600 in twenty days N43,200 and in thirty days N64,800.

The degree holder working in a bank at the till gets a salary of N45,000 every month.

Why are the degree holders poor?

Because they have decided to pride themselves in a degree and failed to think better than a man who does not have even a certificate to his name.

Degree holders spend their time liking articles on linkedIn and facebook but never have any care in the world to implement what they like. Poverty starts from the mind, a mind that just likes things but never to implement those things.

If you want to progress, keep that degree and start thinking better than someone without a degree. There's no white collar Job anywhere bro!

 Be prepared to get your hands dirty and work like an ox for your business. Your hard work will pay off.

Think Success!!! Think Entrepreneurship!!!👌👌

Yours Sincerely....

fight your way to that financial freedom you seek.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Da Shugaba Buhari Ya Dauki Shawarwarin Da Aka Bashi,Watakila Ba'a Samu Kai A Halin Da Ake Ciki Ba Yanzu A Najeriya" - Sheik Sambo Rigachukun

"Da Shugaba Buhari Ya Dauki Shawarwarin Da Aka Bashi,Watakila Ba'a Samu Kai A Halin Da Ake Ciki Ba Yanzu A Najeriya" - Sheik Sambo Rigachukun


Wani babban malamin addinin musulunci dake kasar nan Sheik Yusufu Sambo Rigachukun ,ya bayyana yadda suka baiwa shugaba Buhari wasu muhimman shawarwari wadanda a ganinsa da ace shugaban kasar ya dauke su,to ba'a tsinci kai a halin da ake ciki ba a Najeriya a yanzu haka.

Sheik Rigachukun yace " A lokacin da Buhari yaci zabe Sheik Mohd Sani Yahaya Jingir ya kirani inda ya neme ni da in nema mana zama da shugaba Buhari domin yana so ya bashi wadansu shawarwari, kuma nayi hakan,

Bayan Buhari ya bamu rana da lokaci da wuri ,mun samu ganinsa a ofishinsa.

Bayan bude taro da addu'a,Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir ya bawa Shugaba Buhari wasu shawarwari,

Ga kadan daga cikinsu kamar haka:-

1- Ranka shi dade shawara ta farko da zan baka itace,
Ka sani dukkan wata barna da akayi gabanin lokacin mulkinka Ubangiji ba zai tambaye ka ba, barnar da akayi a lokacin mulkinka ita Ubangiji zai tambaye ka,don haka kaja layi kaci gaba da yiwa al'umma ayyukan alkhairi.

2- Ranka shi dade ina bada shawarar, ka ga ku dinnan duk Obasanjo ya soke ku,
Ya ce kai kana da gaskiya da rikon amana amma baka san tattalin arziki ba,
Shi kuma Atiku yasan tattalin arziki amma bashi da rikon amana,
Shi kuma kwankwaso yana da kaza bashi da kaza,
Tinubu kuma yana da kaza bashi da kaza,
Haka dai duk ya lissafa yan siyasarmu da dama ya yabe su ya kuma soke su,

To abin da nake bada shawara shine ku hadu gabadayanku
Kaga idan kuka hadu gabadayanku kuna da komai kenan
Abin da baka dashi Atiku yana dashi,abin da Atiku baida shi kwankwaso yana dashi,abin da kwankwaso baida shi Tinubu yana dashi haka dai haka dai,
Ka ga idan kukai haka zaku bawa mara d'a kunya.

3- Shawara ta Uku itace idan ka tashi raba mukamai kada ka bawa 'yan amshin shata,
Ka bawa wadanda zasu iya gaya maka gaskiya komai dacinta mukamai ka jawo su jikin ka,

Ka bawa wadanda suka cancanta mukamai a guraben a suke da kwarewa akai,
Duk kusancinka da mutum matukar bai cancanta ba kada ka bashi mukami,

Idan kayi haka insha Allahu zaka baiwa mara d'a kunya."
Wadannan sune kadan daga shawarwarin da Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir ya bawa shugaba Buhari,
wallahi billlahi a gabana akai hakan,
kuma idan na yi karya ko na fadi son raina alkiyama za ta tsaya " Inji Sheik Yusufu Sambo Rigachukun .

Friday, 9 November 2018

El-Rufai chooses Hadiza Balarabe as running mate

El-Rufai chooses Hadiza Balarabe as running mate
Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has announced the selection of Dr. Hadiza Balarabe as his running mate for the 2019 general election. The choice of Dr. Hadiza Balarabe as running mate continues Malam Nasir El-Rufai’s deliberate policy of promoting women. There are five female commissioners in his 14-person cabinet, a feat not attained even by governors that had much larger cabinets. This is the first time in the history of Kaduna State that a major political party will select a woman as running mate.
The incumbent Deputy Governor, Arc. Barnabas Yusuf Bala, has opted to go to the National Assembly and has since emerged as the APC’s candidate for the southern Kaduna senatorial district.
Dr. Hadiza Balarabe is the current Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Primary Health Care Development Agency, a position she has held since February 2016. In that role she has overseen the Kaduna State Government’s programme to revitalise and strengthen primary health care as the core of health service delivery in the state. Under her watch, the state is renovating and equipping 255 primary health centres with tools to assist better antenatal services and safer delivery. The agency has also helped expand vaccine coverage to protect children across the state.
Prior to joining the Kaduna State Government, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe was Director of Public Health in the FCT. She studied Medicine at the University of Maiduguri, and graduated in 1988. She was a Senior Registrar at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital before joining the services of the FCT in 2004.
Dr. Hadiza Balarabe, who was born in 1966, is from Sanga local government which is located in the southern Kaduna senatorial district.
Samuel Aruwan
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Media & Publicity)
Friday, 2nd November 2018



*1-* IBB ya shirya zabe lokacin su Shehu Yar'adua bayan komai ya kankama, sai ya soke zaben kuma yace ya hana duk wani fitaccen dan siyasa sake tsayawa takara, ba tare da wata hujja ba face danniya da neman dawwama kan mulki.

*2-* Bayan soke zaben su Yar'adua, IBB ya sake shirya zaben su Abiola da Bashir Tofa, bayan anyi nisa da Kidayar kuri'a, Abiola da Babagana kingibe Musulmi da Musulmi suna gaf da lashe zabe, sai IBB ya sake yin halinsa ya soke zaben, ya hana Musulmi Mulki ya dauko Arne Chief Shonikan ka dora.

*3-* Katafawa sun yiwa Musulmi kisan gilla a Zangon Kataf, aka gabatar da shugabannin da suka shirya kisan gaban Kotu, Alkali Kirista Okadigbo ya duba zaluncin da aka yiwa Musulmi ya wuce misali sai ya yanke *Hukuncin Kisa* ga su Zamani Lokob da Zamani Kaza etc, abin takaici IBB yaki aiwatar da hukuncin, akarshe aka sake su, har yanzu kudancin Kaduna bata zauna lafiya ba.

*4-* *IBB ne kan gaba wajen dora Obasanjo mulki a 1999,* "yan Arewa munga wulakanci lokacin Obasanjo, *Kusan galibin Matsaloli da muke ciki a Arewa sakamako ne na gadar zare da Obasanjo ya kafa mana. !!!*

*5-* Shekaru 6 *"yan Boko Haram na kashe mutanen Arewa da korar su daga Gidajensu, IBB bai taba fitowa yace kada Jonathan ya nemi tazarce ba, sai yanxu da muka fara fitowa daga kangin da suka Jefa mu.*

*Ina IBB* ya shiga lokacin da Boko Haram suka Kame Kananan Hukumomi 20 a cikin Nigeria *?*

*Ina IBB* ya shiga lokacin da Boko Haram suka Kori mutanen Arewa Milyan biyu daga Gidajensu *??*

*Ina IBB* ya shiga lokacin da Makiya Musulunci suka Kashe mutum 500 a Masallacin Jumu'a dake Kano *???*

*Ina IBB* lokacin da "Yan Boko Haram suka yanka yara 50 "yan Makaranta a Buniyadi Yobe State *?*

*Ina IBB* lokacin da "Yan Boko Haram suka farwa Kasuwar Shanu a Potaskum suka Kashe 250 *??*

*Ina IBB* lokacin da Kiristocin Kudancin Kaduna suka Kashe sama da Musulmi 500 a Zankowa *???*

Duk lokacin da akayi wannan barnar kunyi shiru sai yanzu da Makiyinku yake mulki sannan zaku rarraho ku yaudari mutane marasa basira *?*

Wednesday, 7 November 2018



He was: -
* A Head boy,
* He was a platoon commander,
* He was C.O,
* He was Brigade Commander,
* He was GOC,
* USA war college Alumnus,
* He was North East Governor,
* He was Federal Commissioner,
* He was Federal Minister,
* Head of State-Commander in Chief!
* Chairman PTF, * Founded political parties,
* A highly respected World Leader,
* Currently the democratically elected President, Federal Republic of
Nigeria, GCFR!!!

* No Oil bloc,
* No Oil Well,
* No Mansion,
* No Estates,
* No Private Jet,
* No Political Thugs,
* No Ethnicity,
* No Bigotry,
* No Plenty Luxury cars,
* No Private Company,
* No Private University,
* No Private Library,
* No Foreign Accounts,
* No Foreign Residence.
Only President Muhammadu Buhari has this unbreakable track record
among the ruling class.

Is there any other Nigerian politician with this record?

Do you clearly see why i always stand with this man.

a popular quote  

vote wisely...
*vote Muhammad BUHARI* for the completion of his selfless service

Pls share, if you are a good ambassador

Monday, 5 November 2018


2019: Outrage in Southern Kaduna as Gov El-Rufai adopt Muslim Muslim ticket 

It appears quite certain that Governor Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai who hitherto before now may find it difficult to secure his second term ambition due to so many factors that includes controversial policies and demolitions that affected the lives and living conditions of many citizens, is now on his way to occupy Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna's seat of power for the next four years. It was widely predicted by keen observers of Kaduna politics that PDP's policy of wealth distribution and it's approach to poverty alleviation coupled with the general dissatisfaction of APC's approach to governance in the state which offers virtually no patronage to the people may earn PDP an easy victory to regain the coveted seat of the governor they convincingly lost about four years ago.

But is seems the shrewd Mr. El-Rufai has got his political calculations right as far as his determination to secure re-election for another term in office. In the election that brought him to power in 2015 and while the APC/Buhari factor then has won so many states and seats for the APC, the Southern Kaduna and precisely the Christian community that dominated the area did not vote for Mr. El-Rufai at all despite his choice of one of their own, Arc. Barnabas Yusuf Bala as his running mate. An official statistics obtained by DESERT HERALD from INEC's record indicates that over 90 percent of the population of the Southern Kaduna did not vote for Mr. El-Rufai in sympathy to the then leader of the PDP and it's presidential candidate, former President Good luck Ebele Jonathan. The same thing happens during the presidential election. 

But despite their decision to overwhelmingly vote for the PDP during the 2015 election, Mr. El-Rufai went ahead to secured a convincing highest number of votes, a vote he secures only from the other part of Kaduna, precisely by Muslims who vowed to show their numeral strength to the Southern Kaduna people. 

Having now realised that he can effectively win election even without the Southern Kaduna votes and in view of the reality of the resolved of voters from the Southern Kaduna to repeat what they did during the 2015 election (by voting for whoever emerge in PDP), Mr. El-Rufai took maximum advantage of the decision of his deputy, Arc. Barnabas to run for the Senate to adopt the typical policy and politics of Plateau and Benue States that completely marginalised and disregarded the yearnings and rights of the large Muslim populations in those states by picking a fellow Muslim, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe from the same Southern Kaduna as his running mate. It is a well known fact that despite the large population of Muslims in Plateau and Benue States, Muslims have never got the opportunity to be selected as running mates. In the two states, there has never been a Muslim deputy governor not to talk of a Muslim governor. Even in appointments, Muslims are hugely marginalised in Plateau and Benue States. There has never been a Muslim Secretary to the State Government (SSG) or any Muslim in the so called lucrative ministries of Finance, Local Government, Works etc as Commissioners in any of the two states since 1999. 

In a chat with DESERT HERALD with a close political associate of El-Rufai who doesn't want to be mentioned, he said "politics even in the United States is a matter of patronage. Why will the governor chose a running mate from a section or religion he is very much convinced will not vote for him? That will be stupid of him and will be a huge political miscalculation. What they will do in 2019 will be more than what they did in 2015, the governor and his strategists knows that very well. So what is the point of picking a running that his people will not vote for you? El-Rufai did not violate the constitution by picking a Muslim running mate. I hope you remember the election Chief MKO Abiola won? His running mate, Amb Babagana Kingibe is a Muslim too. So there is nothing new. If what El-Rufai has done is against federal character or whatever rhetoric, then political leaders of Plateau, Benue and even Taraba states are doing worse against Muslims. Why are the Christians or the Southern press not saying anything on those states? As a politician, one will naturally strategize and chose from people you are convince will give you votes. That was exactly what Governor El-Rufai did in the case of Dr. Hadiza Balarabe".

With the shrewd and strategic choice of Dr. Hadiza as a running mate coupled with the no nonsense manner the governor handled the recent Kaduna uprisings which has earned him applause from even people that hitherto vowed not to elect him again, the PDP in the state may now find it very difficult to unseat Mr. El-Rufai as his popularity and approval rating has dramatically improved beyond the measure that can be of any threat to his second term ambition. 

The Southern Kaduna people owing to so many things they created out of pure hatred are indeed in the biggest political dilemma of its entire history, perhaps since the carving out of Katsina from Kaduna State in 1987, as they clearly dont the number to vote out Mr. El-Rufai in 2019. But a Southern Kaduna Christian, one Mathew Kantiyok has perhaps provided the only way forward for his people. Mr. Kantiyok advised his people that, " If we, Southern Kaduna Christians make the 2019 elections on the basis of religion, it’s a game of numbers we might eventually play ourselves. Do we have the numbers to single-handedly elect a Governor? No, we don’t.

The new Kaduna Deputy Governor candidate is she not one of our own?  from Southern Kaduna? Are we going to deny her our constituency simply because she is not from our faith? What message are we sending to the outside world? This is an outright discrimination we are also claiming against.

What if we put all our eggs in one basket behind the PDP candidate and he fails to win because we will make ALL the Muslims consolidate behind the Governor and that will be over? Have we not annihilated ourselves from the political equation of the State?".

Mr. Kantiyok further told his Southern Kaduna people that "politic is game played with brains and tact, not emotions and sentiments. Like I said earlier, it’s a game of numbers and to achieve whatever goal we seek to have we need those numbers. What I expect the 2019 political conversation in Southern Kaduna should be centered around getting a commitment from the Governor in what will he do to our constituency for getting our support in 2019. What will be the compensation of our Christian Deputy slot? More commissioners, Minister, Ambassadors, the portfolios? SA’s,? The SSG or COS perhaps and so more". 

DESERT HERALD reports that El-Rufai's running mate, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe is a medical doctor with many years working experience. Dr. Balarabe is a devoted Muslim from Sanga Local Government in Southern Kaduna. Her husband, Lamido Balarabe is from Kafanchan local government. 

List of State Governors Not Willing to Pay N30,000 Minimum Wage & Their Excuse/What Some Say They Can Afford

List of State Governors Not Willing to Pay N30,000 Minimum Wage & Their Excuse/What Some Say They Can Afford

Rotimi Akeredolu (APC) Ondo State (N22,000)

Simon Bako Lalong (APC) Plateau State (N25,000) 

Jibrilla Jindow (APC) Adamawa State (N23,000)

Mr. Darius Ishaku (PDP) Taraba State (20,000)

Emmanuel Udom (PDP) Akwa Ibom State (N25,000)

Mohammed Abubakar (APC) Bauchi State (N25,200)

Kayode Fayemi (APC) Ekiti State (Still Consulting)

Ibrahim Dankwambo (PDP) Gombe State (N28,000)

Yahaya Bello (APC) Kogi State (No Money)

Rochas Okorocha (APC) IMO State (No Money)

Aminu Masari (APC) Katsina State (Not Specific)

Akinwumi Ambode (APC) Lagos State (Will Consult Elders)  

Abiola Ajimobi (APC) Oyo State (Not Specific)

Umaru Al-Makura (APC) Nasarawa State

Ifeanyi Okowa (PDP) Delta State (No Money)  

Kashim Shettima (APC) Borno State (N27,000).

Rauf Aregbesola (APC) Osun State (No Money) 

List of Those Willing to Pay N30,000 & Above

Godwin Obaseki (APC) Edo State (Any Amount) 

Nyesom Wike (PDP) Rivers State (N30,000)

Umar Ganduje (APC) Kano State (30,600)

Victor Okezie Ikpeazu (PDP) Abia State (N42,000)

Willie Obiano (APGA) Anambra State (N30,000)

Akinwumi Ambode (APC) Lagos State (Any Amount)

Other unlisted states were yet to make their positions known but it is likely they will pay the N30,000 minimum wage agreed by Labour

Siyasa Ta Fi Sallah Muhimmanci

*Siyasa Tafi Sallah Muhimmanci*

Muslim/Muslim Or Christian/Christian Tickets

The modern politics today, is about making the world a habitable environment where people can thrive to achieve their communal and individual mundane and religious aspirations.

This is not possible without peaceful coexistence. 

And peace can only be delusional if there is no equitable participation of different interest groups, religion inclusive.
Therefore, politics is more than the mare game of numbers. Politics is the game of harmonious integral participation of all numbers.

Because of this misconception many politicians may win elections but fail in providing good governance.

It is does paramount that people put into consideration the nature, the epoch and cultural disposition of electorates in mixed states of indigenous people. Since indigenous people cannot be obliterated therefore, they should be well integrated.

This goes to states like Plateau, Benue, Taraba and kaduna.

Politics in the past has bastardize Religion. Religion was used only as a ladder to gain and sustain power or even suppression.

Allah the Almighty then destroyed the Christendom (the papal authority) and later the caliphates to the present norms, because they became instruments deviated to suppression of the true teachings of God. 

To date it’s the same sunnah. 

Religion is the most potent weapon of stability, peace and progress yet the most dangerous weapon of destruction and annihilation. It depends on the population and the leaders they elect.

Let good politics and governance service religious ambition of different persuasions ‘lakum deenikum wa liyaddeen’ but not the other way around, i.e religion servicing the political ambition of individuals and interest groups.

May Allah guide us to the right path and bring peace and tranquility to the nation. Amin

*Sheik Dr. Ahmad A Gumi*

Sunday, 4 November 2018



A jiya ne Shugaban JIBWIS na Jihar Katsina 

*_Sheikh Yakubu Musa Hassan Katsina_*

Ya kar6i bakuncin Kwamishinan Hukumar Za6e ta Jihar Katsina wanda ya samu wakilcin *Alh. Aliyu Alkali* (Mai Kula da bincike da tsare-tsare na Hukumar) da *Alh. Buhari* (P.R.O)

Sun kawo ziyarar ne domin sanar da aikin da Hukumar Za6e Ta Kasa (INEC) ta shirya zata gabatar a kowace Warda da rumfunan za6e na Kasar nan daga Litinin 6-11-2018 zuwa 12-11-201. Wannan wani aiki ne da ake kira baje koli kafin lokacin Za6e kamar yadda doka ta tanadar. Wannan shiri an shiyar shi ne domin kar6ar korafe korafe da kuma yin gyare gyare ga dukkan wanda ke da wata matsala akan katin za6en shi.

Da wannan ne _Daraktan Da'awa na JIBWIS ta Kasa kuma Shugaban JIBWIS na Jihar Katsina_ 

*_Sheikh Yakubu Musa Hassan Katsina_* 

Ke kira ga Limamai da Malamai suyi kira da wayar da kai ga al'ummar Musulmai akan wannan aikin da Hukumar Za6en zata gabatar domin aikin zai anfani al’umma. Kuma wannan aikin ba na Limamai da Malamai ba ne kadai ana bukatar duk wanda ya samu wannan sako kuma ya fahimce shi to yayi kokari ya isar da shi zuwa ga yan'uwa kuma yayi kokari ya wayar masu da kai akan wannan aikin da Hukumar Zabe ta shirya zata gabatar kowa ya bada irin tashi gudummuwar domin ganin an cimma nasarar da ake bukata. 


1. Za'a kafe sunaye a kowace rumfa. Ana bukatar kowa yaje ya duba sunanshi. 
2. Domin ka tabbatar da sunanka da sauran bayanen ka dai-dai suke ba kuskure akan katin ka. 
3. Ana bukatar duk rumfar da wani ya mutu idan an ga sunan shi a sanar da ma'aikatan hukumar domin a cire sunan shi. 
4. Cire duk wanda ke da shekaru kasa da 18. Domin akwai wadan da anyi masu register shekarun su ba su kai ba. 
5. Ko wane Mai Unguwa da 'Yan Unguwa su tabbatar da duk wanda ke cikin sunayen Unguwarsu sun sanshi musamman Kananan Hukumomin da ke kan iyaka da Janhuriyar Niger. 
6. Duk wanda yasan yayi register sama da daya (1) yayi kokari ya tabbatar da ya maida ta guda daya. 
7. Mutane zasu kai korafe korafen su a Collection Centre dinsu daga Litinin 6 zuwa Litinin 12 November. 
8. Za'ayi maganin matsaloli da korafin mutane a ranakun Lahadi 11 da Litinin 12 November, 2018
9. Kar6ar katin Za6e na dindin din. Duk wanda yasan yayi sabon kati daga March, 2017 zuwa March, 2018 katin shi ya fito za'a zo da Katin a kowace Collection Centre daga Litinin 6 zuwa Litinin 12 November, 2018. Daga nan duk wanda bai ansa ba to zai je Ofishin Hukumar INEC din na Karamar Hukumar su. 

Amma a akwai Kananan Hukumomi Guda 3 wadan da aka karama kwana 3 wato zuwa 15 November zasu cigaba da kar6a su a nan Ward Collection Centre din su sune: Kankia, Kusada, Ingawa saboda za6en maye gurbin da za'ayi 17 November, 2018

Wannan aiki dai duka za'a gudanar dashi ne a fadin Kasar nan ba wai Jihar Katsina kadai ba. 

Muna rokon Allah yayi ma Shugabannin wannan Hukuma Jagoranci da basu ikon yin gaskiya ga wannan babban aikin da ke gabansu ya kuma tsare daga dukkannin makircin masu makirci.

        23 Safar, 1440.Ah
   02 November, 2018.Ac