Boys education is more important than girls education in the society ..
I am here to support this motion with the following Points Of Mine
* Firstly, Boys are normally given the upper hand in the society. This is because It is believed that womens education ends in the kitchen. It is also believed that training a woman is a waste of time because she will be married off and can only take care of her husband and children as a house wife while the husband fends for the family. And without training the man who will then fend for the family or How can he fend for the family?
* Secondly, Boys education may be necessary due to the fact that maybe men are the head of the family and getting education is a better way of erasing their ignorance and imbibe the spirit of tolerance and allowing them to see life from a different point of view (broad view) as against myopic view of some uneducated men.
* Further more, Men generally have more responsibilities than women, they tend to have to cater for more people.
* Another point is that, Women tend to study useless courses compared to men. Girls have better score only in  subjects that does not matter, like literature, history, social science, etc..
In subjects that matter like Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry they do not do very well and the percentage of women who pursuits science is very low.
* Again, Women will most likely not make use of their education, they almost always end up in the kitchen. Though Women like to spout to shite about how women have more degrees than men but how much value do their degrees hold in the scheme of things; in real life, not as a statistic? If your PhD can't produce as much value to yourself or society as a Primary 6 Holder, what exactly is the point of paying all that money and denying someone else the opportunity of studying who would have put it to better use?
* Moreover, Men are more logical, no need wasting education on an emotionally dysfunctional robot and Women should be made to study only HOME MANAGEMENT if at all such course exists.
* To be Frank, The truth is women don't create zilch, they're only good as corporate fodder. Men create everything of value in this world and on this planet and women just are along for the ride.
* In Addition, The unfortunate fact here is that girls have both a better intuition as well as capacity to learn. So, YES it is more important to educate boys...but, girls have more emotion in their decision making which is not always a preferred trait...
* Last But not the least, There are far more male criminals out there than females. Working harder to educate boys would keep them on the right track, thus lowering the crime rate.
With this few points of mine, I hope you are convinced not confused that Boys education is more important than girls education in the society.
Thank you


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