Amazing Story! 


The time the Leader of the Islamic State, Umar Ibn Khattab (RA) demands from the people of the city of Hims (in Syria) to list out the names of the needy so as to assist them with a share of the State funds; what Umar came across shocked and amazed him. In the midst of the name of the poor and impoverished people was the name of the Governor of Hims, that is, Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA).
Umar asked why the name of the Governor was included in the list of the needy. They replied: “He shares his salary to the poor and needy such that by the time the cycle completes, he is left with nothing”.
Then Umar asked further: Does he do things that you don’t want? They said: Yes.
1. He doesn’t come to attend to us until mid-morning
2. He doesn’t see us at night
3. In a week, he keeps away for a day without anyone seeing him.

Umar (RA) then asked him why? He (Sa’eed Ibn Amir (RA)) said:
1. The reason why I don’t come out until mid-morning is that my wife has been sick and I don’t have any helper at home, so I usually stay back to complete the basic domestic works, thereafter I will then come out.
2. Why I don’t see anyone at night is because I have set aside the whole day for the people, to respond to their needs. And I have set aside the night to relate with my Lord
3. Why I set aside a day in a week not to see anyone is because that is the day I take off my clothe to wash and wait for it to dry up because I have no other clothe aside this.

Umar (RA) busted into tears.

LESSON: *Leadership should be a sacrifice not a business*
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