The Untold Story Of Sanusi's Achievements 

By Prof. Abba Gumel 

"...Further, he uses his position as Emir to enhance the living conditions of his people. For instance, Sanusi made the African Development Bank (ADB), under the leadership of his friend and colleague Akinwumi Adesina, to fund Kano Industrial Diagnostics. No state in the Nigerian federation ever had such privilege. In fact, Adesina made the ADB to consider Kano like an African country just because of his respect and association with Sanusi. The bank is in the process of re-financing a textile factory in Kano, in partnership with new Chinese investors. It is estimated that this factory would employ more people than the total number of people employed by the Kano State Government over the last five years.

Furthermore, Sanusi, as the Chairman of Black Rhino Group (BRG), has made agreement with investors in Nigeria to construct solar power plant in Kano and other locations in the country. BRG has $5 billion investment portfolio in Africa. I have no doubt that Kano and Nigeria will have received a large chunk of this portfolio if the Kano State Government (i.e., Ganduje) and the federal government worked in partnership, and not in opposition, with Sanusi. It is sad that politics is allowed to get in the way of real development. Imagine the unprecedented development the people will receive if these solar plants are built and the epileptic power supply problem is a thing of the past. Imagine how booming the dilapidated and essentially collapsed industries in Bompai, Sharada, Challawa etc. will become (creating millions of high-paying jobs and boosting the local economy).

Sanusi is a modern Emir for the modern times. He challenges his people to constantly seek higher goals and become better versions of themselves. He is a man of immense intellect, talent, knowledge, wisdom, eloquence, global reputation for excellence and vision. Further, when it comes to the art of the display of royal pageantry, no one does it better than the Kano Emirate, particularly at this Muhammadu Sanusi II era. Sanusi is among the few Nigerians that are well-known and revered within and outside Nigeria’s shores. His stellar record of accomplishments in public life speaks for itself.  

It saddens me to accept the fact that, despite its excellent history as a one-time West Africa’s numero-uno centre of commerce, Kano State is now one of the poorest places on earth, with over one million of our children currently out of school. Yet, the State Government that claims to have declared free and compulsory basic education cannot employ 3,000 teachers when over 10,000 are needed. Is this not enough of a challenge for Governor Ganduje to confront, rather than waste time and public resources to embark on the retrogressive jamboree of trying to dethrone Emir Sanusi? Instead of working collaboratively with Sanusi to formulate and implement a strategy for the socio-economic renaissance of the state, Ganduje chose the path of vendetta-driven personal destruction.

 This is rather petty, I must say. Kano deserves and emands better. The Kano Emirate is simply too important to be allowed to be destroyed. It is, and has always been, the centre and DNA of the Naija’s northern region. If Kano burns, the rest of the north (and, by extension, the Naija nation) burns too. What’s going on now in Kano is a matter of immense national security. It threatens the very foundation for peace and social harmony among the various nationalities residing within Kano Emirate and its surrounding environs. We saw what happened in Zamfara State, where a once proud state was partly destroyed because of the ill-advised and retrogressive creation and politicization of the Emirate. Ganduje did the same in Kano (re the balkanization of the Kano Emirate) and ignored court orders that adjudged his action to be manifestly illegal.  

Sanusi is a man of immense quality. He came from a tradition of distinguished public service and leadership. He came from a tradition of bravery, courage and total devotion to duty. That’s why it was no surprise that when he achieved his lifelong dream of ascension onto the revered throne of Dabo, he continued a legacy of impressive service and devotion. Yes, Sanusi achieved his lifelong dream to succeed the throne of his ancestors. But he also knows that such success comes with enormous responsibility to do whatever it takes to effectively serve the people he rules over.  

He also knows that there is time for everything. He who makes him Emir can also choose not to make him Emir. In other words, like I stated above, he is a man of immense belief, and is perfectly at peace with whatever fate has in store for him. He is driven by principles, conscience, sense of right and wrong and selfless devotion to duty. No matter what happens going forward, Sanusi will go down in history as someone who is a selfless and ardent advocate for his people….and this, as Martha Stewart will say, is a damn good thing. Those of us who proudly side with him do so for this….and this reason only.  

Finally, I urge all men and women of conscience, integrity and principles to continue to join hands and help bring peace, harmony, progress and tranquility back to Kano…. the undisputed Jallah Babbar Hausa that modestly prides itself as the region of ``Ko da me kazo an fika”. We have survived adversities in the past, and we will do so again. Governor Ganduje, the ball is in your court. You have a date with history. We hope you choose to do the right thing and be known as someone who built…and not destroy the Emirate. Someone who enhanced the majesty, power and reputation of the historic Emirate…. and not someone who diminished it.  

May peace reign in the Great City of Dabo. Blessed be the great people and government of Kano. Blessed be the Kano Emirate (Africa’s finest). Blessed be our most-beloved His Highness MSII of the Great City of Dabo…. and beyond."

About the author: Abba B. Gumel is a Professor of Mathematics based in the US’s Valley of the Sun.
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