Is Islam Unjust To Women By Keeping Them Indoors!?

Is Islam Unjust To Women By Keeping Them Indoors!?

As for those that think Islam is unjust to women and that it has kept half of society idle and keeps the women folk *“job-less”* or any thought of that kind, then I present you this fatwa of Ibn Uthaymeen (r.a):

QUESTION: Some people started believing in what the media of the enemies try to spread, which is an intellectual planned invasion. Like when they say: “ Islam is unjust to women, Islam has kept women at their homes and thus kept half of the society unemployed”. What is your answer and comment on this lie?.

ANSWER: (By Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (r.a))
Praise be to Allaah.

My comment on this is that these words can only come from one who is ignorant of sharee’ah, ignorant of Islam, ignorant of the rights of women, and is impressed by the attitudes and ways of the enemies of Allaah who are far away from the truth. Islam – praise be to Allaah – did not take away women’s rights, but Islam is the religion of wisdom which gives everyone his or her rightful status. Women’s work is in the home, and her staying athome is for the purpose of looking after her husband, raising her children, taking care the household affairs, and doing work that is suited to her.

The man has his own work to do, which is usually earning a living and benefiting the ummah. When she stays at home to look after him and her children, and the interests of her children, that is the work that is suited to her. It is also aprotection for her, as it keeps her far away from immorality which may occur if she goes out and works with men. It is well known that when women work with men that also adversely affects the man’s work, because the man has a natural inclination towards women. If he works with her he will be distracted by this woman, especially if she is young and beautiful. He will forget his work and if he does it, he will not do it properly. The one who studies the situation of the Muslims at the beginning of Islam will see how theyprotected their womenfolk and how they did their work in the best manner.

              [End quote].

[Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen. Alfaaz wa Mafaaheem fi Meezaan al-Sharee’ah, p.72-73.] 

Although this fatwa is with regards to women working, it still fits in line with the free-mixing issue I’m referring to and not having protective jealousy over your women folk.

[Taken out from an article I wrote, but because it’s still useful info, I’ll upload it here!]
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