About Us


Haiman Raees Is a website which was created solely with the intention of educating, Informing,entertaining, encouraging and creating awareness for the general public in a unique and fascinating way.  this website will focus on bringing all the information the general public needs in their lives. 


The Aims of this website are extremely enormous in the sense that it cannot be expressed here, but here are the main ones:

 1. Propagating Islam through Articles, opinions of the Ulama and much more in Hausa, Arabic and English languages respectively. 

 2. To give everyone the chance to express their views on everything without any harassment. 

 3. Creating awareness for the General public on how to tackle their religious, political and social problems. 

 4. Enriching the lifestyle, language and the general behaviors of the Hausa people in the media for better understanding among other tribes and citizens all over the world Through articles and pictures. 

 5. To provide a Bank of information which the whole world can benefit from it. 

 6. Reducing the level of stress among students in finding some information for their educational issues by providing such information. 

 7. Helping Couples with the basic information that will guide them on how to make their relationship better. 

 8. Providing wholesome entertainment for those seeking it from all over the world. 

 9. Informing the public what they need to know about what is happening in the world. 

10. Encouraging the Hausa people in showcasing their culture and heritage through the internet to the world at large. 

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